Help me! Authenticate this Balenciaga, please!

  1. Hi girls! It is my first time here!

    I would like to know your opinion about this Bbag...

    eBay Italia: BALENCIAGA authentic rose leather motorcycle bag BNWT (oggetto 190077259829 scade il 04-Feb-07 21:46:00 CET)

    Usually I consider all fakes what is sold on E-bay, but in this case I'm not sure...

    I would like to buy a pale rose Bbag, but it is not available in the shops anymore (I'm fROM Italy) I would buy on e-bay...if you consider this is not a flake!!!

    many thanks for your help!!
  2. Welcome sweetie - glad to have you here! Put this post in the "Authenticate This" thread and you'll get tons of help!!!:yes:
  3. :sweatdrop: ohhh, so I've wrong the place to post!Now I try again..I've to understand how this site goes!!!

    really many thanks for your message!!!