Help me Authenticate this bag

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  1. Hi Chriseve!

    This bag is authentic but the braided leather strap is a bit damaged.

    Please post all authentication questions in the Authenticate This! thread.
  2. thank you MAYDAY! thank you ZERODROSS!
  3. You're very welcome chriseve!

    By the way, the seller for the second Trotter Romantique does not offer international shipping (I emailed her and she told me that she doesn't). What a shame, because this bag looks so mint and cute!

  4. Wow, these are beautiful. This is the flap bag I want to buy. I am so scared of buying anthing from ebay. Looking at these final bids. The bit prices are less than half of what they are sold for. Why would anyone in their right mind sell something this low? :confused1:
  5. Sadly, yes. Dior's bags tend to not sell for very high prices on Ebay, and I think it's because Dior bags tend to be trendy and most people who are on Ebay are middle-classed people who can afford a few designer bags, but want one with a style that can last forever so that their bag can be a good "life-long" investment (so the prices that Dior bags sell for on Ebay may not reflect their true value). These buyers naturally don't look for (or even think about considering) Dior for their bag purchases.

    I've sold quite a few Dior bags to make room for more, and almost none of them have gotten a value close to what they were actually worth. But this also means that I can buy Dior bags for less on Ebay.
  6. I gues I am a bag whore. I can't let go. :love: I only buy the ones I abosolute love, well I love too many of them. Cutting back is a pain. I need to look for a more cost effective way to build my collection. I am too much of a chicken to return to Ebay after three duped purchases.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.