help me at my last decision!

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  1. hi ladies(:

    ok here are my two chioces.

    1. night/gold MAM for $550
    2. mocha MAB for $446

    I've been looking for a simple, basic black bag and thought MAM would fit me perfectly. (esp after asking tPF ladies recently!)
    but as soon as i found out the mocha MAB that's on sale, i kinda want that now..
    it's such a great price and i guess i could handle a bit bigger bag:P
    buti don't know if i'll be able to carry a bag that's mocha color for so long.

    does anyone have MAB in mocha? how's the color?

    if you were in my shoes, which one would you get?
  2. I say go for the one you really want and will use the most. I know the MAB on sale with that price is temptinh but if you really want the black one go for the MAM.
  3. you can get the night gold MAM at NM's in short hills for a better price. One of the girls bought it for $350. You should call them.

    I got the MAB in night/gold at Bloomies on 59th in NYC for under $400 as well.

    If they are sold out, then has the MAM still, and you can use a coupon code for 10% off. There is a coupon code for it on the threads in the RM forum "is a legit site"
  4. has the black and gold and there is coupn for 10% off so you can get that one on sale too!
  5. use shefinds08
  6. no more night gold MAM at NM's in short hills..!
    i just called and they only have green, blue, and red ):
    well then i guess i'll try bagtrends.
    can i trust that website tho?
  7. ^^yes they are legit
  8. what kind of red is it?
  9. Between the mocha and the night/gold, my vote is for night/gold. It's not your everyday black bag (meaning, it's different-looking, but you certainly could carry it every day!)
  10. Night and Gold MAM for sure, but wait and find yourself a deal! :tup:
  11. sorry shopbopchic :sad:
    i talked to the person on the phone so that's all the told me.
    but seeing around the websites, i think it's just a regular red color.