HELP ME!!! asap!! gold or blue disco??

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  1. guys help me choose..
    shud i get the gold or the blue???

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  2. blue :smile:
  3. Gold ! I have this one and it is gorgeous ! Colour goes with every outfit (by the way it is more champagne than gold), and goes well for day and night.
    I posted a picture in the thread "what Gucci are you wearing today ?"
    Good luck deciding !
  4. Blue!
  5. Depends on your wardrobe. Both are beautiful but very different. Buy one then get the other another time!
  6. I was in the same boat 2 weeks back and went with the blue! Thought I would get more use out of it and don't have to worry about color transfer. The blue is gorgeous especially in sunlight!
  7. I am liking the blue a lot. :smile:

    So which color did you decide on? :smile:
  8. I prefer the blue but I'm not a fan of metallics. Good luck choosing!
  9. I'm loving Navy right now, so my vote is with Navy!
  10. Is the blue Disco still available ? I thought it was an "old" colour.
  11. I love the Navy Disco, it is such a pretty and classic color. Additionally, I think the Navy color will wear better over time.
  12. Blue