Help me all you Louis lovers...

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  1. Like I need another bag...ughhhh...I have been contemplating one more bag..I know I know that is what I said last time...anyhow...which bag do you think would be better the black epi alma or the galleria pm...I own four mono bags (tulum pm, speedy 30, PH, LH) and I have black mc mm aureilla, neocabby black mm, alma epi white, roxy pomme and the daimer berkley...which bag makes more sense? I have enough bags but, I keep thinking about these two...please do not say both...I need to downsize...thanks for your opinions in advance...cheers
  2. Black Epi Alma will stand the test of time!
  3. I prefer Galleria PM, but it depends on your lifestyle. The Alma is very classic, work bag to me, and the Galleria is more fun and casual.
  4. Toughie! Either one is a good choice ~

    I could say Galliera, but you already have the Tulum which is a bit similar.
    Then I could say Epi Alma, but you already have it in white.

    I guess, I'd have to pick the Alma since you only have one Epi and 4 Mono.

    Good luck deciding and have fun shopping!
  5. I say epi since you have tulum, galliera is gonna be like another tulum
  6. How about epi but in a colorful hue? Maybe red? You have monogram and black covered, so why not add a dash of color?
  7. That is a good idea.:heart::heart:

  8. Yes, good idea Peach!!! Red rocks!
  9. Galliera PM!
  10. I would get the Galleria - it is so nice and casual. But is you are dressier, than the Epi might last you better...
  11. I have the Galleria PM and love it! The Galleria get my vote!
  12. Black epi alma...everyone needs an Alma in their life!
  13. epi alma since you already have a lot of monogram stuff! =)

  14. I agree
  15. I vote for the Galliera!