Help me again please


Choose a LV leather collectible piece for me

  1. Buy Olympe Stratus PM

  2. Wait for the Epi Alma Cassis

  3. Wait for the Mahina XS

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  1. Earlier, I had a choice to get the riveting....did a poll and decided not to go ahead. (just for closure of the poll)

    Two days ago, my SA asked me if I would like to get the olympe stratus pm...she happened to receive 1 piece. I like it but I already have the nimbus...I thought of putting aside the money for the mahina XS or something else leather like the Alma epi cassis. Then she brought out the last piece of mahina XL...which made it even more confusing.

    I would love to collect another leather piece from LV but should I wait to see the mahina XS or Alma epi or should I buy the stratus pm (it may not be around anymore). I ruled out the mahina XL cos just doesn't fit me my style though it is gorgeous. Please help me because I have 2 days to decide.
  2. I think that you've already decided that the Mahina XL doesn't suit you. So definitely don't get that just because it suddenly became available.

    And it sounds like you think the stratus and nimbus are too similar - so a no go there too.

    Wait for a bag that truly calls to you. LV is just too expensive just to buy bags that you feel "ho hum" about. Wait for the "WOW" factor.