Help me again.....Ebene or Azur.....

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  1. I'm lusting after a new pochette. I won't be pulling the trigger just yet but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead, right? I'm thinking sooner than later......

    I like the Azur Milla and the Ebene Pochette. I want both and I may end up with both eventually but which is your favorite? And why?
  2. Ebene pochette is probably more versatile but I've got a definite soft spot for the milla in azur so I vote milla!

  3. The Milla is so pretty. I watched a video for the Milla and it's so pretty but then you're right, I could carry the Ebene in the rain!
  4. The milla is also much slimmer. That's what has put me off purchasing but I do think that I will end up with it eventually!

  5. Yeah.....that's true. I'll have to watch a video on that too.
  6. I vote for the DE pochette ... you can fit more things in and carry it in the rain+low maintence ...
  7. I agree
  8. I have both and they both are fabulous! Milla is stunning, but gets far less use. DE Pochette is definitely more versatile. Tough choice you have. :smile:
  9. Love the DE Pochette, you can use it inside your bag to hold many things, wear it as a small bag, a clutch, put a strap/chain on it and wear it as a crossbody. Love the red interior too! Good luck deciding.
  10. I vote for the Azur milla...its a lot prettier and not as common as the DE pochette
  11. DE pochette gets my vote.
  12. DE Pochette . Milla is to small.
  13. DE pochette because it's less up keeping... Azur and me are pretty bad together haha
  14. DE Pochette
  15. I find the strap on the Ebene pochette a little uncomfortable but I love the pochette (I have it in mono). Also a huge fan of the Azur Milla but if I had to pick one, I'd go with the pochette because it holds more.