Help Me Add Some "Pop" to My Purse Wardrobe

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  1. So, in the purse department, I have the neutrals pretty much covered (black, brown, tan), and I have 2 blue purses, and one wine/fuschia purse too.

    I really feel like I need another "pop" color - what should I go for? Red, orange, yellow, green? Do you ladies think one of those colors is more versatile than the others?

    I also felt like a white bag might be the way to go since I don't have one of those, but I would probably always freak out that I was going to get it dirty.

    I love this bag:

    It comes in white too:

    Plus, I recently came across this one and I love it:

    Let me now your opinions!
  2. I would say green or yellow. I always get compliments on my green bag and need a yellow one to round out my bag wardrobe.
  3. I love red - and if you want "pop" you can't get poppier than red! It's hot and daring LOL I wear my red bags with whatever; I never try to match them up to anything and you get kinda used to the colour after a while so you don't even notice it!
  4. MOVING this to handbag forum...
  5. I happen to really like cornflower blue or green, myself...
  6. If you want pop, then maybe green. Red does pop, but is more common(at least around here).
  7. I really like green (and it's perfect for Spring), or what about a metallic? IMO metallics are both neutral and great for a pop of color!
  8. I vote for red, or magenta for spring, or a bright blue!
  9. Hey - the purse you like in Antropologie is the Hayden Harnett suki bag. Have you checked out their website? They certainly have heaps of 'pop' with their new collection.
  10. I have purchased some bright bags for spring. Here are some:

    The green is Hayden Harnett and the blue is Morgan Oakley. The yellow is Hype.



  11. Since you already have a wine/fuchsia, go for the white! Its a neutral that will still stand out and give you that pop in your collection.

    They are not nearly as hard to keep clean as most think. I have 2 white bags and getting a 3rd in the Spring. If you buy a good designer, just ask about their treatment and cleaning procedure. Most white bags are tripled dyed or more and then soaked in a solution that will prevent dirt and things like ink from penetrating into the layers of leather and keep the marks on the surface so that they can be easily cleaned with a baby wipe or leather moisturizer and a soft cloth. Some will even clean your bag for you as a service whenever you bring it in.

    Good luck!
  12. I think red is definitely the most versatile, and also the most professional looking. I don't actually HAVE a red bag, so maybe my opinion doesn't count, though...
  13. My vote is for yellow. I have the neutral colors covered in my purse collection too, so I am in the market for a pop of color too. Right now I am looking at the Foley & Corinna Jr Jet Setter in the Senape color - it's on Also, someone had suggested the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag in yellow, you can find it on

    Let us know what you get!
  14. I would suggest red. It's a very neutral color-goes with almost everything. It can cheer you up on a blah day and put a little bounce in your step!
  15. Thanks everyone! Some very helpful things to think about!

    It's nice to know that some of my internal arguments in my head are also thought of by my fellow tPF-ers - great minds do think alike!

    I do see green/yellow as more "fun" and I guess I need to figure out more what I want this bag for.

    I suppose my practical side says the bag needs to be able to go from work to weekend (and for whatever reason, I think red and white/cream would be more professional). So it should look professional/polished, but also can go to fun and cute too.