Help me add some color!!!!

  1. first of all i LOVE this place!! I love how enabling you all are :yahoo:
    with that being said, i need some encouragement to get away from the browns/khakis/neutrals and add some color to my very modest collection.

    sorry the pics are so huge:shame:


    this is the most colorful thing I have:

    now I've had my eye on this:


    but blue is a little out of my comfort zone. :shrugs: I need some pushing or maybe just other color suggestions, I also really like the Ergo Tote in Turquoise.... decisions decisions :girlsigh:
  2. I love that bag and that color! It would be great as a spring/summer bag and everyone needs's almost Spring! That way you can rest your other bags:yes:!
  3. I have the pond shoulder bag and I can't get enough of it. Honestly, I don't think it is any "louder" than the turquoise Ergo...I have found that the pond color goes with so much more than I thought it would. With either bag though, you can't go wrong!!:yes:
  4. I'm dying for a blue bag, blue is my favorite color. I also would eventually like a nice red bag. Red goes with a lot and can is classic looking imho.
  5. oooh i love your collection!!!!

    I would get the legacy shoulder bag in pond because is sooooooooo cute and would fit nicely into your collection!
  6. If this is the first time you've considered a colored bag, then the pond is a great choice. I think it's very neutral and would go with everything. I kind of think the teal Ergo is harder to carry as an everyday bag. I love the Coach colors and almost always carry a colored bag. Today, I'm carrying my raspberry Soho pebbled leather duffle and it's wonderful. Color will brighten any outfit and add sparkle. Good luck!
  7. I love the pond color. Maybe you can try a darker color and work your way to a much lighter color?
  8. The pond color is in for the season. I see lots of bags in department stores in that color and other similar shades.
  9. You may want to consider the color and which colors fit which season. Some may not care about which color their bag is, but the pond color is definitely a spring/summer color, maybe a winter color. A safe pick would be a whiskey[brown] color that can match every season. But if you are going for something that has that "wow" factor, I'd definitely choose pond.
  10. I think I'm gonna go for the pond and from there add more colorful bags to my collection. Thank you for your input. This is like the best place ever:yes:
  11. ^It's not like the best place ever. It IS the best place ever. :lol:
  12. I just bought a tourquiose bag (not a coach one though...) and I LOVE it. It was a little outside of my comfort zone too but I love that it "goes" with everything and doesn't really clash with colors and neutrals.

    Also, do a seach on the light blue bag. I have read several posts about the hardware turnlocks breaking.
  13. I have the pond wristlet and the silver/pond bangle and it really is a stunning shade of blue. I am actually tempted to get the legacy satchel in pond before they go away! Most of my bags are black/brown/neutral, though I do own a green Bulga that always gets compliments and a pomme vernis LV that is quite an attention-getter.

    A pop of color is great when you're wearing a more neutral outfit, too.
  14. i love the pond color! even though it's a blueish color,i see it as a neutral to wear with anything.
  15. i have that khaki signature pocket pouch on the left in that color AND black. yay! coincidentally i saw the pond legacy and the turqouise ergo tote and LOVED it! yay baby! they are hellaciously expensive but DELISH!