Help me add one to my collection...


Which one, help?!

  1. Black GST w/silver

  2. Black GST w/gold

  3. Black Medallion Tote

  4. Black Baby Cabas

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  1. Even though I'm on a SERIOUS ban, DH is letting me get a new bag now for my birthday next month. :yahoo:

    So now I'm trying to choose very carefully knowing darn well, this may be my last Chanel in a LONG time! lol! My current collection includes a Light Silver 226 Reissue, Black Caviar Jumbo Flap w/silver hardware, Black Caviar Timeless Clutch, and Black/Black Cambon Large Tote.

    My thougts are a black GST (silver or gold, I don't know), black Medallion tote, or a black Baby Cabas??? I love both the GST and Medallion, but I already have 2 bags in black caviar. I LOVE the Cabas but will it stand the test of time or do I go with a classic instead? (Also, will the price increase include the baby cabas? Cause if not, I could get it later, which is not any time, and get one of the two that are going up.)

    Anyhow, TIA! :heart:
  2. By process of emlimination, I vote for the cabas. I just love the style and think you could get many years of use out of it. The GST and Medallion tote just aren't comfortable for me to carry, so they never get my vote:sad:.
  3. I voted for GST closely followed by the medallion tote- I would get a classic before the price increase
  4. i like the cabas since it would diversify your collection in terms of both style and leather! :smile:
  5. I voted for the cabas because you already have caviar, I would get the cabas in another color maybe, you have all black Chanels. I would love a silver cabas!
  6. Another vote for the cabas:tup:. It's a great bag and will use it for many years to come. The price has also increased since its first release and will continue to do so IMO - for all Chanels in general. Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance:flowers:
  7. I vote for either khaki cabas or dr bordeaux gst. happy birthday!
  8. i love the medallion but I think the cabas is a better fit for your collection. what was the original price of the cabas and what is the post increase price, btw????
  9. I'd mix it up with something gold and classic since your others are silver and your other tote is fun.
  10. I never thought about the khaki, but I bet that would be pretty! hmmm....

  11. Thanks!!!!!!!! :heart:
  12. I agree with south too!:yes:
  13. I vote for the Black Medallion! I've owned all three of your choices and the Medallion is my absolute FAV!! Good-luck!
  14. I voted for the GST, but now after actually reading your post I think the cabas would be a better choice. :yes:
  15. Cabas!