Help me accessorize!!

  1. Okay ladies so I bought this dress online, still waiting for it and will be wearing it to two occassions, a friend's wedding and new years eve .. how would u accessorize it? Earrings? Bracelets? Necklace? What color shoes? I think my hair will be in an updo probably since it has a high collar
    Any suggestions would be great
  2. Gold or black strappy sandals
    Short dangling earrings
    Maybe one or two bangles
    no necklace, or just a diamond pendant or something similar
  3. I would get bronze/gold metallic toed..a gold bangle..and diamond dangle earrings or studs..the dress is really pretty!! good choice!!
  4. I think I would try to find strappy sandals that match the color of the dress and accessorize with gold jewelry...
  5. Hmm...for your your friend's wedding, I agree with the above posts.

    For New Years, I'd say if you can, get your hands on some lacquered black leather boots. Not patent, but something with a little more sheen, to contrast the very vintage styling of the dress. I'd say use a larger clutch, in alligator or alligator-print if possible, and maybe a cocktail ring. And I think for New Years, I don't want to be cliche, but let your hair down! Up, it would look a little too restricted for the celebration.

    Have fun! It looks like a beautiful dress!
  6. That's a gorgeous dress! I personally would wear it with something like this:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. oh! for me.. that's a good pair of shoes and purse...
  8. I posted a pic of a necklace too, but it didn't show up :confused1:

    It was layered with delicate gold links and brown pearls...
  9. I can see the necklace pic claire .. lovely :heart:
    Thanks alot for the suggestions ladies.. looks like gold wins for the wedding and the boots for new years sounds v sexy i wouldnt have thought of boots but now i kinda picture it with a nice pair of boots that i have
    n mr.couturier, hair is definately gonna be down for new yrs :tup:
    YAAAY cant wait for new yrs i'm gonna be in NEW YORK BABYYY :yahoo:
  10. The dress is beautifull... I think you just need a nice pair of earrings, a black or bronze clutch and matching sandles