Help me accessorize this dress please

  1. Hello everyeone, can you please help find accessorise for this dress. I am wearing this dress to a wedding reception.....what color necklace and earrings do you think would go with the dress and what color clutch.

    I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
    mr 004.jpg
  2. What a lovely dress! What colour is it exactly? And when is your reception?
  3. Thank you...the dress is aqua with brown and navy blue trimmings. The reception is on the 26th.
  4. gorgeous dress, it looks lovely on you.

    I would 100% pick out the fab brown colour in it, and go with that colour in a fab little bag, because of the 3 colours, with accessories I would stay with plain silver :smile:

    love the shoes too, are you going to wear those with it?
  5. Thank you....yea, I'm going to wear those shoes with it--I was thankful I had those shoes in my closet and didn't have to spend money on a new pair. I was thinking of this type of jewlery---of course not with that price tag---what do you think.
  6. i think navy blue thngs would look nice with the dress (which look so hot on you by the way).
  7. I personally wouldn't do a necklace with this dress since it's such a strong statement by itself. I would go with a fabulous pair of earrings (either hoops or chandelier) and a simple bracelet. As for clutch, go with a metallic chocolate brown. BTW, you look really hot in the dress.