Help me accessorize these holiday dresses!

  1. I bought these two dresses today at Ross. One is for a wedding in December, the other is for a Christmas party. I haven't decided which one is which yet...

    Please help me pick out inexpensive shoes and accessories to wear with them! I'm open to any suggestions. Pics are appreciated! TIA!!! :heart:

    ps- Sorry I couldn't get a good pic of the red dress. I assure you, it's very cute on. It looks soooo big and shapeless in the pics but I swear it's not! lol :shame:
    browndress1.JPG browndressdetail.JPG reddress.JPG
  2. well, the red does say 'christmas' more than the black dress...
    is the wedding an evening thing? if it is, wear the black. if it's during the day, go for the red and save the black for the christmas party.

    also, you can save money by wearing both dresses with the same shoes, so black would probably be your best choice. are the beads on the black dress all gold or is there silver in there? if there is silver, you could go for silver shoes, which would be better with the red dress because red and gold might be a little too christmas...
  3. Wear some gold strappy stilettos and a pair of dangly gold earrings. I think gold accessories would go with both dresses but just don't over do it. Also, I wouldn't wear a necklace with the first dress since the beading is so ornate on the neckline.

    Also, I think both dresses could be belted. If you decide to go with black shoes, perhaps, you could belt both dresses with a nice, wide patent plack belt, that might look nice. I can't really tell from the pics, but the dresses seem kinda trapeze-y, which is why I'm suggesting a belt.
  4. Thanks for the replies :smile:

    Sorry the pictures are so terrible! The first dress is actually brown. All the little beads and sequins are gold. It has a tight ruched band at the waist and it's a-line on the bottom, so it has a very hourglass silhouette. The second dress also goes in at the waist and the bottom is A-line with 3 tiers. It has a thin sash that ties into a bow. Both dresses are kneelength.

    I modeled the dresses for some family members today and my dad and brother both said the brown dress makes me look like Cleopatra! My brother is the only one who preferred that dress; everyone else liked the red one better. I think I'm going to wear the red one to the wedding because it's X-mas weekend and also it's more modest than the brown dress. I just feel weird wearing a sexy dress to a friend's wedding, KWIM?

    I had the same thought about wearing the same shoes with both dresses, but my sister was adamant that I need silver shoes for the red dress. Argh! I'm so confused :confused1:
  5. ^^^
    well i think silver shoes would look great with red, and would be less christmas ornament-ish than red and gold which i personally think is too much. but i think both the red and brown dress would look awesome with some black patent shoes and that way you could wear the same pair with both and save some money!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I've been on the lookout for metallic evening shoes in gold or silver and I have found NOTHING affordable that I like :sad:

    So far the only ones I've really loved are Stuart Weitzman DeLovely. They're $250, which is way over my budget!!! I have black patent mary janes that are really comfy and I think they look cute with the red dress. I was thinking I could wear those and just throw a black cashmere cardigan over the dress during the ceremony and it would be cute, but so far no one likes that idea :shrugs:

    I have gold pumps that I could wear with the brown dress, but they're too orangey for the red dress, KWIM?
  7. I think you could do black patent with the red dress but don't really think mary jane style........
  8. ^^^
    i think a pointy patent mary jane (think toe cleavage) would be dressy enough. or black patent slingbacks.
  9. ^These are the shoes I have. The heel is about 3"....

    I was thinking about buying these to wear instead, just because I like them....

  10. I love gold accessories with a red dress. Check out department stores in your area that carry Nine West and/or Steve Madden shoes. You can easily get a pair of gold dress shoes for under $100.
  11. ^ Yeah, I need to do that. I think a big Macy's would be good.

    The problem is I'm being really picky. I want something real leather, strappy, simple design and cheap! The ones I've seen in my price range are satin, covered in beads or cheap looking jewels and crazy uncomfortable :push:

    I made the mistake of going to Nordies first, where I fell in love with shoes I can't afford. Ever since I saw these I haven't liked or wanted anything else :sad:...

  12. And just for the hell of it, here they are in silver. I have never in my life been tempted to buy such expensive shoes :love: