Help me accessorize a kaki Josephine PM!


Which accessory do you prefer for a kaki Josephine PM?

  1. Astropill

  2. Monogram cles

  3. Monogram Groom cles

  4. Damier cles

  5. Inventeur keyring in Brass

  6. Inventeur keyring in Horn

  7. V keyring

  8. Vernis cles in Noisette

  9. Vernis cles in Marshmallow / Perle

  10. other

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  1. So I've decided to buy myself a kaki-colored Josephine PM, but I find it a bit plain and the D-ring on the front screams "ACCESSORIZE!" to me.

    I've photoshopped some possible items to attach to the Josephine, and, yes, the sizing and colors are a bit off so please use your imagination and help me decide which would be best!

    I could be wrong, but the lighter vernis cles looks to me like the marshmallow color because I've seen the perle cles and it's a very bright white. Does anyone know if marshmallow did exist for cles?

    If you have any better ideas for an accessory, please post the name and a pic!!
    josephine_astropill2.jpg josephine_monogram_cles.jpg josephine_groom_cles.jpg josephine_damier_cles.jpg josephine_inventeur_brass.jpg josephine_inventeur_horn.jpg josephine_v_keyring.jpg josephine_vernis_noisette.jpg josephine_vernis_marshmallow.jpg
  2. the first thing I thought was noisette vernis cles! I have the blue josephine pm and I used my beige vernis cles with it.....since then I had located a blue mono mini cles as well but I don't nec. use it with the josephine....I just needed to have it b/c I love the blue and it's disc.!
  3. Oh, blue is cute. I was also considering an indigo vernis cles, but didn't know how the colors would match up.. That's something I'd have to see in real life to compare.
  4. your pics are sooo cute!
  5. I would go for something in the epi line.
  6. I like the mono cles...second choice, oddly enough, would be the Astropill.
  7. Personally, I think the bag looks best on their own. But that's just me ;)
  8. What color of epi would be good for this bag?
  9. I would love the Mandarin with it, but I'm a huge mandarin fan!
  10. 100% V keyring !
  11. I think the Groom cles would be cute. Also, I might accesorize it with a scarf. :flowers:
  12. I'm pretty boring when it comes to accessories so I would probably choose mocha but I really like lola's mandarin suggestion
  13. I think I like the Astropill best.
  14. I would like the Groom cles more if it had an orange stripe!

    And, unfortunately, I'm not a scarf person. :girlsigh:
  15. how about a panda keychain?