Help me ! A fashion photo blog...

  1. Hello,

    Few days ago, I saw a pic on a fashion photo weblog frequentely named on the forum and that shows sometimes people holding Bbag but I can't remember the addess...I think there's 'artist' or something like this in the link...Is someone know that site that deals with people like you and I photographed in the street?

  2. Yesssssssss! That's it ! thank you very much
    This blog is quite terrific...I like the photo, the way the pics are taken, the people.
    I placed it in my favorites
  3. I love it too!
  4. :tup::nuts:Me too! It's part of my morning ritual to check for Scott's updates (and I obsessively check it throughout the day too).:sweatdrop:
  5. Why hadn't I heard of this?? Wonderfull!

    I live in the Arctic at the moment and one thing I really miss about living in a real city is spotting people who dress with an edge (just a whole lot of fleece here!). This blog might just take the edge off..!