Help me~!!!!09 or 2010 black part time bag

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  1. Hi, I just got another (3rd) black RH part-time bag from online store but they sent me 09 black one. I actually looking for 2010 black one but I am kinda newbie in balenciaga world~ :nuts:

    So should i keep 09 bag or exchange it to 2010 black one??

    Help me~
  2. Do you like the one you received? There is no guarantee if you order again (if you mean you ordered from that you will get a 2010 bag. You will only be told that you are getting a "current" season bag which in a way is true with black because they carry over since they always make black. I went through this, too, but I returned the 2009 City only because I didn't like the leather on the one I got. I did not order another. The only way I know to get a 2010 is to try an SA at a boutique or department store who will actually look for you. Balenciaga believes that black is black - doesn't matter what year. Sorry I cannot be more encouraging, but I think this has happened to more people than just me :smile:
  3. Thank you cbarrus It helps me a lot
    I called them asking exchange to 2010 but they said 'No guarantee' hmmm.... bit disappointed..

    the bag looks good but still doesnt like it the bag made over 1 year ago...
  4. You definitely should return it then if you are not happy. I would try a department store (Neiman's, etc.). BalNY or other boutiques only give store credit (unless that has changed - I haven't ordered from them in a while). I would prefer a refund if I can't find a bag I like, but that's just me. I have found the SAs to be more helpful at Neiman's IMO. Good luck with your search!
  5. Thanks again. Actaully I ordered the bag from NM but the item was defectived so i returend it. That is why, I ordered at the online store. i dont know..maybe the part time bag is not for me:smile:
  6. Oh - I am sorry to hear that. If it is what you want, don't give up! I am sure there is one out there for you. Maybe some others will comment on a good SA at a boutique. Not being able to pick one out in person is hard - I don't have a store near me that sells Bal, so I have been at others' mercy, too. That's why I prefer a store with a good refund policy, lol.
  7. ^^^
    YES "a store with a good refund policy" solves a lot of problems.
    I would return it and locate a 2010. That is what you really want and won't be happy if you settle for the 2009. Barneys is good.
  8. Thanks guys

    cbarrus Yeah I moved to boston to Indiana for my reserch project and no Bal stores in Indiana....So I have to call or order at the department/online stores lol

    maxxout Oh I should try Barneys then!!

    I spent almost a month for part time bag ordered returned and back to order...things
    I searched but cant tell .... could you tell me anyone what is different between 09 black and 2010 black color/ leather??
  9. 2010 is suppose to be darker and the leather is suppose to be nicer too (whatever that means...I think it is softer and smooshier) Members here have been very happy with 2010.
  10. I went thru the same thing when I ordered a black GSH City from in July - I received a S/S 09. I actually kept it as the leather was really nice. The '10 bags do look as tho they have gorgeous leather but I liked mine a little smoother ... if you like the bag you received then I would keep it and don't worry about the year tag! Mine has really begun to soften and smooch beautifully...
  11. I love my 10 black maxi twiggy cuz the deep black leather is so smooth and thick (my preference). I don't have a 09 black bag to compare, but even for my maxi, I had to compared him over 4 other bags' leather... sorry I don't know if this help but I think even in the same year, the leathers can be so different from one another... good luck! hope you got what you looking for soon ^.^
  12. If you're not happy, then return it. However, having said that, I agree with mere girl that you shouldn't let the year be the deciding factor. If the leather and the depth of the black is to your liking, then you should keep it.
  13. Thanks all ! Actually, I was thinking to keep it. My boyfriend said 'dont waste too much time in this bag' lol :coolio:
    I checked the bag yesterday but I found one crack(the bag looks really dry) on the front side. I sent pics and talked with, they want me to return this item and will exchange to 2010 one!
    im kinda picky :boxing:
    I will post it later! Thanks all. Helped me a lot :yahoo:
  14. exchanging it for a 2010 sounds great!! Then you will be totally happy as you should be ;)
  15. Post pics when you get the new one! Hope you like it :smile: