HELP! mc wapity or pochette cle?

  1. i just got the vernis violette pochette cle a few days ago but i'm debating on whether to return it and get the mc wapity in white. Which one would be better? or should i just suck it up and get both? Now i'm not the type of person that likes a lot of small accessories. I'd rather save up for a bag instead. I'm also not the type that likes limited editions because I like things that have a lasting power (ie. mono speedy will be around practically forever)

    Pls help!!

    This is what my collection looks like at the moment.
    - with the exception of an mc shirley in black which is on its way.
    - and the damier papillon might be leaving the bunch soon because i'm not "in love" with it anymore.
    - the priscilla might be leaving as well in exchange for the mc trouville in white because i'm loving that more.
    - plus a keepall might be joining the bunch sometime in 2008

    :confused1: :confused1:

    there's a lot of "maybes" in my collection and thats why i need my lovely tpfers for some advice. tia!
    Picture 054.jpg
  2. I guess it depends on what you're using it for. I love the new cles that's out. Is that the one you're talking about?
  3. If you're not in love with your cles, I think you should save up for something that you really want or need in your collection. I've had a few Cles and Wapitys before and they don't work for my needs.. Although they are so cute, I just didn't get the functionality I wanted. I got an MC Pochette MM and I like that. It's a little on the pricey side but it fits more than a cles and not wide like a Wapity. Good Luck with your decision. P.S. - I have th same black monogram shawl! I absolutley love it...
  4. I would keep the cles and get the wapity later. The cles is so pretty :love:
  5. i love your collection by the way! I just got a wapity and I've already used it a bunch of times and I love it...but at the same time I would also love to have the new violette cles because it would hold so much more that my old vernis cles. In your case, it would depend on what you need more, if you want a wristlet to use on the go when you are not carrying a lot go for the wapity. if you need a wallet/card/coin purse keep the cles it is such a beautiful color. it's a tough decision...but if you can afford both, go for! if don't think you'd use either, try to save up for a bag or that keepall of yours? i hope ive helped!
  6. I think the wapity is more functional than the cles. I have the MC white wapity and I picked up the cles at the store to look at. Though the color was pretty, I don't think it's as useful as the wapity.
  7. I have both the wapity in mono and the new cles.
    Currently I am using the cles a lot as it can hold my access card, train card and keys comfortably. I keep them in my cles all the time and just grab and go. I find that I have no use for the wapity as it is not as slim as my cles so it is not so convenient to carry around. But it all depends on what use do u have for them. Hope this helps :smile:
  8. wow, first of all that's a great collection you have there! I would hang on to the violette cles since I believe it's LE (that and of course, I'm partial to the color). You could always get the MC wapity later, unless of course money is of no object, then by all means ... get both!
  9. sweetpurple - my collection is nowhere close to yours! your le fab is definately LE FAB! hehe

    ajamesgrly - i love your trouville and wapity, im so tempted to exchange my priscilla and get a wapity like yours!!

    girlsgottashop - yes its the new one that i'm talking about. its so pretty, i dont really know what i'll use it for but i just looove the colour and the gold plate in the front.

    msmelanie - isn't the shawl so pretty and functional? i love it to death!

    i think everyone is right, the wapity is too thick and the cles is so pretty. i think i might just keep the cles, maybe i can find a wapity on eBay instead..
  10. Your Mono Cles looks so lonely... I think you should keep the Violette Cles and get the MC Wapity later.
  11. I like the cles more than the wapity, not a fan of it's shape. I think the new cles will be very useful. Although you won't be able to fit as much as a wapity I think it will fit all the essentials and function as a slim wallet. The cles is really pretty. Good luck with your final decision.
  12. I just got the wapity and love it, but I use it more like a small clutch than as a card case. They are two very different items. I use my cles (when I do use it) for cards and money and to clip keys to. I use my MC wapity to carry my phone, cards, money, and a lip balm, and carry it like a wristlet. I adore it.
  13. oh, a question just popped in my head, does the new cles fit in the wapity?
  14. LOL! I agree with John 5!
  15. mc wapity