Help ! MC Patti or Chanel GST?

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  1. Dear TPFs... Please help to advise/comment which should I get. Been waiting for Patti and finally it's released but the price is as high as a GST. Ohh gosh I can only get either one and I loves both !! I'm totally lost...:shucks:
  2. love lv, but in this case, i'd go with the chanel~
  3. Chanel!
  4. Chanel
  5. I'd go for the Chanel since it's leather and it's classic.
  6. I can't believe I am saying this, but this time I'd pick chanel.
  7. Another vote for Chanel:smile:
  8. GST hands down
  9. one more vote for Chanel.
  10. Chanel!
  11. Get the Chanel!!! I love my Chanel Black GST w/GH!!
  12. i will vote for patii,i think you mean annie GM, i will get it too
    i used to have a GST,but i find four corners are not well structured, then i sold it.
  13. Chanel !
  14. Gst
  15. i would go with the chanel, i think it will be a classier style for a longer time, even though i love MC.... i am just not loving the bow on the patti