Help.. MbMJ Taupe Clutch

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  1. Hi everyone-

    I have the opportunity to buy the MbMJ Airliner Magazine Clutch in Taupe.. basically new, perfect condition.. for less than half of retail price (maybe $140-$160) from a woman I've been talking with from craigslist. What do you think? I love the style/shape, have never seen this in person and not sure how I feel about the taupe color. Is it super boring or classic and fabulous? Anyone have any quick opinions? Thanks!

  2. It looks pretty in pictures. I saw a few MBMJ Airliner items on ebay in that color, but I havent seen it IRL. SOunds like a great deal. Have you gotten pictures? I think taupe will be a versatile color. The gold hardware gives it a classy sophisticated look You shuold go for it!
  3. thanks Coach superfan. It definitely looks pretty. Here's a modeling shot she sent me... I am usually into bright/pop colors and this would definitely be a change.. but perhaps a classy change ;)

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  4. I love this clutch, but just a warning, there have been alot of good fakes being sold on eBay and Craigslist. I would ask for many more photos just to make sure.

    But if it is real, I would go for it! It's a classic clutch and the taupe color will go with almost anything!
  5. ^I agree with telicious! If it's real it's a great deal! But please ask for pictures and confirm the authenticy in our autneticate thread :smile:
  6. I saw that CL ad earlier this week and my first reaction was, why isn't she selling it on Ebay where she would undoubtedly get much more money from it? That seemed fishy to me. Definitely get some close-up pictures before you buy. Fakes can be very convincing and the modeling picture she gave you isn't that revealing.
  7. Its very classy and the color will go with EVERYTHING!
  8. Get some pics post to the "Authenticate MJ" thread. There are fakes out there of this style, be careful!
  9. Wow I had no clue that this clutch was being faked. But yes, I think you should get the clutch..I love all of the Airliner clutches from that line (seafoam, taupe and black)

  10. Thanks for saying that K!
  11. I saw this listing too but I decided to pass once I found out there was a ink stain on it. I would meet up with her in person so you can inspect it before buying.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. I feel very wary now that I know that these are being faked. She seems a bit desperate to sell it. I already said no and then she kept offering to lower the price, even when I told her she could sell it for a lot more in eBay. It seems a bit suspicious...