Help...Mastic or Sandstone???

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  1. Ladies, I have not seen either of these colours in person, but desperately want a lighter neutral! I would love your opinion on the best choice between these two! I think I am going to get it in a city or PT RH....thanks for any suggestions!!
  2. I have never seen a Mastic bag but love my GGH Sandstone City terribly. It is my best bag. I have the new Violet and Jaune too but I love my Sandstone 100x more than them. I think that I will keep and use this bag until it falls apart.
  3. Absolutely Sandstone, it is a gorgeous color....I have mine with GH, it is a good combo, I wasn't sure at first, but to love GH is to know it and I guess it is a growing love :p:love:
  4. Hi...I personally like the Sandstone better I have the PT w/GGH and I choose it instead of the Mastic...:yes:
  5. I'm going to rock the boat here a little because I prefer mastic...
  6. Thanks so much for all the info, has anyone seen sandstone anywhere? When I called BalNY a couple weeks ago they couldn't find one?
  7. Try Saks, New Orleans or Boca Ratton. I know they have Sandstone City RH but it was waaay back 2 months ago when I was struggling to look for my Sandstone Day. Wish you luck!
  8. Wasn't Sandstone the color that Neiman's didn't buy AT ALL? If so, that makes it even harder to find...

    I've seen it on Bluefly quite a few times, but it goes as quickly as it appears. You have to remain vigilant and also get lucky to get it on Bluefly.
  9. I prefer sandstone and also LOVE the combo with the GGH.
  10. ITA:tup:. That combo is very striking and TDF.
  11. I agree as well~ It's just gorgeous!
  12. Thanks everyone, even my boyfriend said that I should go with sandstone (that is really saying something LOL), I think I am leaning towards mastic b/c it is so much easier to find :sad: I guess I will just have to be patient, but it is soooo hard once I have it in my mind!! I love the GH combo but am leaning towards RH b/c it is so much lighter and I think I will use this bag all the time!! Please keep me in my if anyone runs across a sandstone RH in a city or PT, thanks ladies!!!
  13. I think that you should buy both of them and then if by any chance you have a cognac city, you should donate to a friend;)