HELP! Marco Tagliaferri

  1. Can you tell me where this bag is made?? Italy??

    I want one!!!:yahoo:
  2. do you have a pic?
  3. Here is a photo....[​IMG]
  4. If you do a search you should come across a couple of threads from a few months back. If I remember rightly, a TPFer bought one from someone on eBay but they are not that easily available.
  5. Thanks Miss Sooky...I saw those threads. I just wondered since I'm going to Italy in a couple of months if anyone knew if that's where they come from and I could get one while there. I checked eBay and there were none listed :sad:
  6. Ashley Olsen with her Marco Tagliaferri Designer Handbag

    eBelle5 the bag blog
    Date Added: January 15, 2007

    Spotted: Ashley strolling out of Barneys New York of LA in her knee-high platform boots with her fab Marco Tagliaferri bag in hand.

    I know her tote does look familiarly similar to the Hermes Birkin, but look a little bit closer. Examine the hardware and the overall shape and style - the bag was designed by Marco Tagliaferri. Sorry for such a small photo, I hope you can see the details well enough. If not and you want to take a closer look of the bag itself then check out the eBay listing below.

    Sorry the photo didn't post-but this was the bag that you wanted-and it sold on Ebay for $600. He is an Italian designer that does men and women's clothing as well. There are some articles about him-but they were all in Italian. I tried!
  7. Thanks for trying JNH...if you find out what city in Italy he has a shop in I would appreciate greatly the 411...

  8. Can anyone get onto this site? I can't.

    Marco Tagliaferri

    At the bottom of the front page, it says:

    Showroom : Via Angelo Maj 25, Milan - Italy - Phone: +39 02 89055478 - Fax: +39 02 99988504
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    Cool! If that's the case we are spending 3 nights in Milan and I will stop in...xxxxx not allowed
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  11. Passerby: Yes I can...thanks for the link...I will spend more time on it once I get home.

    As soon as we are back from Milan I will post my findings seahorse (and anyone else that may be interested in a MT)

    I am so excited!!! Need to start packing :yahoo:
  12. It is exciting - that is a very enigmatic site . . .let us know what happens. Ciao bella! x
  13. I don't know if this will help or not, but I just purchased (at a consignment store) what appears to be the smaller version of the posted pic, in a kind of warm brown. The leather is TDF! I'm not sure if it's deerskin, or another kind of washed leather. Anyway, it's very cool! I've never seen or heard of this brand before.
    The Hermes-style closure takes some gettng used to (I'm a Bal gal), but I'll manage.
  14. passerby...That number is the *wholesaler's* number to call. So I'd assume that you (she) would call the other number listed.