help! - marc by MJ tooled leather satchel in ale


Jan 29, 2006
goiingnuts said:
the ale came today. this look more abused than the yellow. i can't decide which to keep, which to return, or should i just save the money and return both.

i hate making tough decisions like this.

i'm kinda leaning towards the yellow. but.. i don't know...
If you really like the style of the bag I'd keep the Yellow and return the Ale.
Your pics of the Ale look 100% better than the one I recieve :sad: but the distressed look is what it is.

I like the slouchy look of the bag as well as the fact it's quite roomy.
Peronally I think it's a fun tote,if my Ale hadn't looked so crappy I'd be using it for my knock about bag :biggrin: .
Good luck with your decision making ;) .