help! - marc by MJ tooled leather satchel in ale


Feb 15, 2006
hi girls,
i've been hunting high and low for this bag. i only like it in ale, and not all the other colors. any sightings of it anywhere? in stores? online?

please help!

goiingnuts,I purchased this bag from NM a month ago and shipped it back the very same afternoon.
The photo that NM had up looked great but the distressed leather in the Ale color is horrible to put it mildly.
The light color looked like it had been drug through the mud.

The bag itself is made well for the money but it's much better in darker shades.
The NM was kind enough to refund my shipping fee which they don't normally do as an everyday practice.
Agree with Cat on the distressed leather, I didn't like it at all! I saw this bag in 3 other colors (darker ones -- tan, blue, yellow) in person and I felt like all of them were heavily abused (like Cat described). Style wise, it's cute.
thanks cat, thanks bag.lover.

i've yet to see it in person yet. i placed an order at zappos for the yellow one a few days back... i guess i'll just returned it if it didn't turn out quite the way i expected.:smile:
hey goiingnuts, if the bag doesnt work out with zappos, would you consider the lila tote (in white)? i feel the distressed leather works better when it is alone and not paired a 'nicer' leather like the tooled satchel.
the yellow bag arrived at my doorstep today.

so.. this is what they call distress leather. kind of have to agree to cat's and bag.lover's comment on how it look like as if they were heavily abused.

the tag provides an explaination for the abused look:
"this handbag has been made with care from high quality genuine leather. after assembly, this bag was carefully washed and dried to achieve our signature marc by marc jacobs look. any variations in color and texture are intentional and make each piece unique."

urm.. i never knew marc by mj has this kind of signature look. i'm still thinking about keeping the bag... it kind of match my outfit today. the tags and tissue paper are still on, coz' i might decide to return it.




p.s.: thanks mello. :smile:
mahbag! said:
i saw this bag on ebay, i think the BIN price is way more than retail, though. it's a cute bag.

yeah.. i saw the bag on ebay too. it was up a week ago, and the auction ended without meeting the reserve price. i wonder what the seller is asking for... urm...:sad:

guess what?! i woke up this morning and checked my email. zappos emailed and informed me that they have the bag in ale!! i added it to my shopping bag immediately!

pphheewww... i'm so glad that i kept the tags on the yellow bag intact.

the ale came today. this look more abused than the yellow. i can't decide which to keep, which to return, or should i just save the money and return both.

i hate making tough decisions like this.





i'm kinda leaning towards the yellow. but.. i don't know...