help! manhattan pm, hudson or beverly?

  1. i need a good sized (but not too big, im only 5-2) structured everyday over the shoulder bag that can be carried in the evenings as well. im looking at the following:

    manhattan pm: love it!! but does it fit over the shoulder?

    hudson: love it! but it might not be roomy/practical for all my things.

    beverly: like it a lot, but don't love it. but it fits over the shoulder and would fit everything.

    please recommend!!!
  2. I think the beverly MM is a perfect bag. :yes: good luck!
  3. Nope, none of the Manhattans fit comfortably over the shoulder. The straps are way too tiny and IMO, these along with the Speedys just look odd as shoulder bags since they're not meant to be shoulder bags.
    And I agree with Gayle-the Beverly MM would be great!
  4. Manhattan PM is handheld only, even if ur arm is skinny enough, it's not going to be comfortable. What about Sac Plat? I saw this girl rocking her Damier Sac Plat @ local lounge, totally chic!:nuts:
  5. as the other girls have said, the manhattan is handheld only. so i'd go for the beverly :smile:
  6. i tried the beverly at lv and the strap seems to slip off of my shoulder, maybe because it was new. does anyone have this bag?
  7. I'd get the Beverly MM:yes:
  8. Of the three, I choose Beverly MM.
  9. Go for the Beverly MM because the Hudson has a fussy leather piece to get in and out of ..... IMO it looks funny hanging when it's not buckled in....

    That buckle for the Beverly is AWESOME!!!

    Manhattan PM is nice but just not a shoulder bag--meant to be hand held.
  10. Beverly MM vote here!
  11. ok, imo the Manhattan is handheld, but i can fit it over my shoulders. The beverley is ok, but not as special as the Hudson, it is just soo pretty! If i was going to get a shoulder bag it would definatley be the Hudson! So classic but chic at the same time! xx Plus not as much Vachetta problems, this lady at the boutique, only had her beverley for 1 week and was already putting it in for repair!
  12. manhattan pm. :heart:
  13. Totally go with the Beverley. I have a Hudson and the fussy bit on the front is so so SO annoying! Its best to just sling over your shoulder and not worry about it, you cant get things in and out practically either because of the awkward position the strap sits on your shoulder.

    Hope this helps!
  14. i love the manhattan PM, it looks sooo good!
  15. I love the Beverly. It's the first mono bag (besides Sophie) to make me drool in quite awhile. :smile: