Help...Manhattan Dilemma!!

  1. Ok, I'm having a Manhattan meltdown!!! I posted recently that I got a beautiful Manhattan PM that looks brand new...I have used it twice and just think its too small for me and I am fighting my usual need to have a bigger I think I need the GM!!
    Should I sell the PM (ones in this shape are going for pretty good $$) and take a chance on getting a GM in good shape? Budget can't handle a new one, already planning on getting a Damier Speedy soon!!
    To add to my dilemma, I'll be getting my Alma soon (hurry up postman!!!!) and that is a bigger hand carry should I just stick with the PM?
    Can anyone offer any advice (or make sense of my post!! lol!)
  2. go with whatever fits your needs best but you should know a lot of people say the is really heavy
  3. i think the PM which i have right now is the heaviest bag i can take, anything more than that is a big no-no for me...the GM will be very heavy
  4. Why don't u hold on to the PM for now and wait to see if the Alma is big enough for u or not... Let us know what u plan to do :smile:
  5. Hold on to the PM until your alma arrives, but in my oppinion i think the PM is a bit to small for my use ... I also seem to be carrying a bunch of crap with me everywhere i go, but i just cant go anywhere without all these thing. I really do love the "belt" on the GM model to ....
  6. Sounds like you have alot of bags coming to you.......maybe you should wait and see if you really want to get a bigger one.
  7. If you're not happy with the size of the PM you probably won't be happy with it period. I'd say sell it but be patient in finding a GM - I'm sure you'll find one in nice shape might just have to have some patience in looking. ;)
  8. wait for the alma to come and then see if you really need the GM
  9. I think the PM is cute, but it is not big enough for me either. Now the GM is heavy, even empty. I don't use mine much because of the weight... If you are not going to use it, then sell it!
  10. As others have suggested hold on to the Pm till your Alma arrives. If you still don't find a use for the Pm then sell it. I would suggest a different style bag if you still want a really large bag. The Gm is heavy empty and you might want to start with a lighter bag so when it's full you won't be in pain. Good Luck.
  11. FYI, there is a Manhattan GM on Let-Trade right now.
  12. I would hang onto the pm til you get your alma. Btw, I find the alma doesn't hold a whole lot. If you overload it keep it unzipped otherwise the zipper will be wavy.
  13. Awesome advice, ITA!! :tup:
  14. IMO the Alma holds about the same as the PM, the Alma looks bigger because of it's hieght, but you cant fill it up too far because of the wavy zipper issue that happens. Dont get me wrong, I love the Alma and have two of them, but, if the PM is too small for you Id get something bigger, cause the Alma isnt any bigger.