HELP! Mandy, Ali, or Slim Flap?

  1. Hi ladies. I need some help and expert advice!

    Got some Christmas $$$ and have been eyeing the Ali and her little sister, the slim flap (in Whiskey). Then I started thinking about the Mandy. I can only get one, but I don't know which one would best suit my needs!

    I teach college English (and I have a 14-month-old) so I carry a lot of junk around with me. Usually, I carry a tote (hand-held) and a smaller shoulder bag because I have shoulder and neck problems, so I can't tolerate a heavy bag on the shoulder.

    I know that a number of posters have said Mandy and Ali are quite heavy. Probably this would not be good for my bad shoulder. However, I think that Mandy can be worn crossbody? Is that true? If so, this would redistribute some of the weight and I could deal with it. The advantage here is it would probably fit all of my stuff, I think? (textbook, grammar manual, several manila folders stuffed with papers, wallet/wristlet, writing implements, a few cosmetics, etc.)

    Could I fit this stuff in the Ali too?

    Or should I go with the slim flap and continue to haul around a tote (usually non-Coach) in my other hand?

    Usually when I am out by myself with my son I don't carry a handbag (just a wristlet) in addition to the diaper bag.

    TIA for any advice!!! I am itching to get my dream bag, whatever it may be!
  2. I'm not sure about the Mandy being carried crossbody, someone else will have to chime in here. I'd recommend the slim flap since you need a lighter bag and continue to carry your tote. I have 2 slim flaps, a canvas one and white leather and love them! They fit what I need and stay on my shoulder nicelyl without discomfort.
  3. The only crossbody from that line is the hippie but that won't fit much stuff. The mandy for me is right up under the armpit and I don't really like that, i am 5'5" and the strap is relatively short and it doesn't slouch much because it is so wide at the top. The only other legacy bag I can think of that has a longer strap is the double pocket shoulder tote which came in the buckles not the turnlocks but that one is HTF. If you go to the business section on there is a really nice front flap briefcase that my fit all your needs or if you could find somthing like that in signature, it would be much lighter.
  4. I checked out the briefcases...they are very nice, but my heart is really set on the Legacy leather...even if it's not as practical!!! I have seen that pocket shoulder tote on eBay occasionally. Maybe I'll look into that, too.
  5. I have the Mandy and the Ali and neither one can be worn crossbody, they are
    shoulder bags. The Ali will not fit manila folders in it. The Mandy will but it is a
    heavy bag. I work out just to be able to carry it so if you have shoulder/back issues
    I would think on it seriously. Perhaps a tote would be better suited for your needs.
    Check out the new Heritage Stripe Totes.
  6. I KNYM once you have or see or feel legacy leather it is hard to have anything else !
  7. I have THREE brand new Ali's and took one shopping w/ me ALL DAY today!!!! I know alot of people say she is heavy, but I didnt find her heavy at all!!! She stayed on my shouler and was VERY comfortable!!!! I dont carry much in her though, so that could be why!!! Good luck w/ your decision!!!! Legacy Leathers RULE!!!!!
  8. I have both the Ali & the Mandy. They are both shoulder bags. I prefer the Mandy because it holds more-I have a 14 month old and I use it as a bag for me & her. The Ali is also nice, but does not hold as much and the flap sometimes gets in the way. By far Mandy is my best bag!
  9. I have both the Mandy and the Ali. I also have two small children. Honestly, if you are looking for a bag to haul around your stuff as well as your child's stuff, the Mandy will hold more. That said, it is quite a heavy bag. The Ali is also heavy but nothing like the Mandy. They are both GORGEOUS bags and the leather is unbelievable but they may be uncomfortable for you if you have shoulder/back troubles. I am also unsure of how practical it would be for you to use for work.You will be able to fit a few folders in there but I am also an English teacher and I haul around stacks of papers on a daily basis. For me, neither bag is practical for work as they just do not fit the amount of stuff I need to carry. If I do use one of these bags, I also need to carry a tote to cart around lesson plans and student work (although this may be different for you as you teach college, not high school). You can't go wrong with either bag and I'm sure you will love them but I don't really think that these two bags fit the criteria that you are currently looking for in a bag. If you have your heart set on legacy leather, maybe take a look at the Gigi tote. Good luck!
  10. I vote for Ali....I just received one for Christmas and LOVE her!!!!!!
  11. I have both a Mandy and Ali. I vote for Ali. It is much easier to carry (not an armpit bag) and seems lighter to me. While true that it doesn't hold quite as much as the Mandy, the Ali does hold a lot.
  12. If you are looking for cross-body...what about the bleecker duffle? In large, it would carry alot.
  13. I haven't read everyone's replies yet but I will say that the slim flap is lightest but won't carry as much and wont' sit up on it's own.. the ali can be heavy, but not NEAR as heavy/bulky as Mandy is.. to ME. And Mandy can not go crossbody. I vote ali, and if that is too heavy, the slim flap! :tup:
  14. It sounds as though you're used to carrying two bags, so if that is the case I'd recommend getting the slim flap and then using your other tote for kid/other stuff. The slim tote gives you that great Ali look while still being very light and comfortable on the shoulder.

    I have the Ali and Mandy and the Mandy seems the heaviest to me. I'm used to carrying the Ali and do get tired if I carry her around all day loaded up.
  15. I have both the Ali and Mandy in leather. Agree that neither can be carried cross -body. Both are heavy to me when full of all my stuff. But, I like the legacy leather and have to have them. I will use them but, not as everyday bags. From the sound of it neither would you...JMO. Legacy leather is rather heavy overall (again JMO.) But, it is gorgeous, soft to the touch and smells yummy!!!!!:heart: I really love the 06 leathers the best!!!!!!! I just bought the 07 shoulderbag in whiskey and there is a major overall difference in the feel and smell of the leather. I love the bag though and will keep it for variety.

    But, I also hear that you want your dream bag and that is important as you will not be happy unless you at least try. You can always buy off eBay. Then sell it if it does not work out (as many of us have done:idea:.)

    The only leather that I have found that is light enough to wear everyday is the Coach ergo leather. I have the ergo hobo (also comes in a tote) in vanchetta natural leather and have grown to love it. It holds a ton!!!!! It is also light to carry.....just throwing out some ideas.