HELP - Mandarin 30 Epi Speedy

  1. This has probably been asked already but has anyone seen one in any LV store recently? I called customer service and they say there aren't any available but I know sometimes that is not the case.


  2. i doubt you will be able to get hold of a new one now. try eBay or let trade might be able to find one for you.
  3. I found mine in Las Vegas at the Wynn last year, after 866 told me there were none left. Keep trying, you may get lucky & post in the LV shopping sub-forum too. Good Luck!!
  4. I'm nearly 100% positive they're aren't any left in the US.
  5. If you have a SA in Hawaii I would try giving them a call, they have a different inventory than the mainland. Hope that helps! : )
  6. I went to my local LV store today and asked them about whether having a mandarin speedy avaiable, and to my suprise, my SA told me Paris send them one (30) for no reason and they had one in the back! I snatched it up right away. But now I think the color maybe too bright for me. May consider selling it.
  7. Dior Junkie...NO WAY, Mandarin is the best epi color out there next to my fave the Myrtille, you should keep it!!!