Help - Make It Stop!!!!

  1. Please help...the addiction has taken over me! I am seriously having trouble staying away! For those who missed my previous posts, I purchased these last Friday..


    then these on Monday...


    then these on Thursday...


    I have the Dentelle Speedy coming on Feb. 20th, plus accessories...I can't spend anymore until then...:s

    Besides monetary constraints, how do you manage to stay away???
    Duomo & Cles.JPG wallet.JPG scarf.JPG
  2. congrats! they are all nice...
  3. Nice purchases. In answer to your question, I can't stay away from LV!
  4. OMG! Love them all! What fabulous purchases! I understand...I dreamed about all the items I wanted from LV after finding TPF...The dreams slow down as you complete you list!:nuts:
  5. ^I agree. It's hard. LOL.
    Congrats on the new goodies! : )
  6. Congrats!!!
    To me, no money no's easy to do!
  7. In all seriousness, if you think your spending is out of control, I would suggest you open a new savings account, and deposit only a sensible set amount into it each month for your entertainment/luxuries. Only spend what is in that account, and make your other money off limits to LV/designer bag purchases. This will help you keep track of what you spend, without accidentally dipping into money that should go to other things or savings.
  8. it's really hard to stop. congrats on your new things!
  9. Ohhh I love the duomo! It's TDF!
  10. They are all so pretty! Aside from going broke, it is just too hard to stay away!
  11. omg that's a lot of fabulous stuff!

    it's easy- i don;t have a lot of money. it doesn't stop me from wanting wanting wanting though.

    i did however get a little financial bomb dropped on me today- won't take place til aug. so i guess it's shopping til then then nothing...
  12. Great items you got! I :heart: that scarf with the leopard trim.:nuts:
    I don't know a way to stop the LV obsession I'm afraid.
  13. Georgeous bags!!!!

    Maybe you need to have your friend/family member hide your credit card or something for a week and see how you do?
  14. I love your stuff!

    But on a serious note, you've got to set your priorities. If money is no object LUCKY YOU!!! However, if it is, then its either LV (or whatever else you enjoy) or going broke. It depends on if you want objects or security. I know these are LV objects but you don't want to be out of control. Anyway, its best to be able to strike a nice balance of the two. You want gorgeous stuff and security.

    Just a suggestion, but may be you've got to make yourself content with day-dreaming about LV!!

  15. We are not wealthy, but are comfortable. Luckily, I have $0 CC debt. I use my debit cards, so I really feel the purchase, KWIM?