Help make asian eyes look bigger?

  1. Hi. As you know many (not all) asians have small eyes. Are there any makeup tricks to make them look larger? Thanks :smile:
  2. Eyeliner definitely creates a shaping effect that enlarges the eyes. However, don't use too much because I've seen some asian girls who took too much advantage of their eyeliner supply and went nuts on their eyelids. In those cases, it just ends up looking like they desperately tried to make their eyes look bigger.
    Also, make sure to curl your lashes thoroughly with an eyelash curler to bring those lashes up as high as they can go. This really opens the eyes. Then use a volumizing and/or lengthening mascara to extend and thicken those lashes. I recommend the following: Diorshow Blackout, Benefit and Lacome's Hypnose.
  3. use eye gel liner instead of eye liner pencil. those don't smudge and they last all day, so you wont get that crazy smudged look of color on your lids and beyond. also try using fake eyelashes when you go out. they really open up your eyes and make small/single eyelid eyes look alluring! small eyes can be beautiful too, you just have to use makeup to open them up alil more, so they'll still be small but look more emphasized and brighter~
    if you're going to apply fake eyelashes, go for a smoky eye look. that way you dont need to put eyeliner on since the eyelashes already have a dark strip at the bottom which can serve as an eyeliner. but if you're going for an everyday look, stick to brown or black gel liner~
  4. I'm one of those Asian girls that was blessed (or maybe cursed?) with big eyes and have that coveted canthal fold. However, many of my fellow Asian girlfriends swear by these techniques:

    - Tame your eyebrows. Bushy eyebrows encroaching your eye space will only accentuate the fact that you have small eyes.

    - Conceal undereye circles and puffyness. Looking tired will only make your eyes look smaller. You want to look alert and fresh! Apply concealer to the outer corners of your eyes. If you're tired or have easily-irritated eyes, Visine is your friend. Having red/sallow whites will only exacerbate the problem.

    - Brighten and enlarge your eyes by dusting iridescent white eyeshadow underneath your eyebrows on your brow bone and in the space between your eyes and nose, right next to your tearducts. Light will bounce off of the iridescent shadow and draw attention to your brow bone and tearducts, making your eyes appear large and wider. For even more brightening, use a white eyeliner and line the inner and outer corner of your lower lashline.

    - Line only your upper lashline with black eyeliner. Curl your eyelashes and apply a thickening/volumizing mascara; I'd recommend Imju Fiberwig.

    I would definitely recommend fake eyelashes for going out or special occasions, they make a HUGE difference and will definitely make your eyes pop. Be advised that making eyes appear larger might not always be the best solution for your face. Many of my friends have really small eyes with no fold but they make their eyes really alluring with sky-high lashes and shadow on the outer corners of both upper and bottom lashline. Their eyes look mesmerizingly dramatic and sultry as a result even though they are small and they look gorgeous this way. The best route, I say, is just to play around with make-up and find out what works for you :smile:. Hope that helps!
  5. hey that's what i was going to say and u said it so much better ;).

    i like using white/ perle eyeliner, especially those with slight shimmer :tup:.
  6. thanks everyone! i'll give all your techniques a try :heart::smile:

  7. i've been trying to find the perfect one, what specific brand/color do you use??
  8. previouly helena rubinstein has one but it was discontinue. now i use shu uemura but have not yet tried the white/ perle one (though the white shimmer eyeshadow is great :yes:).
  9. ELF cosmetics has a product called "eye widener". Check out their website. Dirt cheap!
  10. One thing I know of is the make the liner on the middle portion of the upper lashline thicker.
  11. Ok, this is what my best friend does.

    1. Use one of those pupil enlarging contact lenses (I also use this. I like monthly Fresh-Kon). It's actually contact lenses with black specs which enlarge the entire pupil, making it look even larger.

    2. Make-up works wonders: Mascara and eyeliner. Curl your eyelashes and apply a few coats of mascara (I recommend Lancome Hypnose and Diorshow). Use both of them, on top of the other. Draw a thin line of eyeliner on the top lid and keep it neat - your eyes would look smaller if it's smudged.

    3. Use Dior Skinflash and/or YSL Touche Eclat to conceal the undereye area and make sure to blend it in properly. If you've got dark circles, prep the area with a little eye cream, followed by concealer. (I would recommend Bobbi Brown's concealer kit thingy)
  12. things that make a world of difference in my girlfriends:
    1. fake eyelashes/eyelash extensions
    2. undereye concealer
    3. lining eyes with a BROWN instead of a black, and not over doing it as thicker lines make the eyes actually appear smaller
  13. that soliciting?? *points at Melena's post*