HELP!! Major Dilemma!!

  1. i just bought a monogram shawl a few days ago. i took it out and used it once. and now i found 2 snags on it. what do i do!?!?!?!?
  2. Take it to the dry cleaner?
  3. its 2 threads that came out
  4. The same with my Rita MC ... i took it to LV store and they cleaned it
  5. I would take it in and see if there's anything they can do. Sorry this happened.
  6. I would take it back to LV and see if they will help you!
  7. I would take it back and see what they could do for you...although, here's my experience:

    This is the very same reason why I returned my monogram shawl--my cousin's friend had one and within 4 months the shawl was in horrible shape. When the snagging/running first started, she took it into LV and they said there's nothing that can be done, because this is prone to happen in all shawls and is not an individual defect. I've worn mine once and although even after using it for ONE time only, there was a small little segment of thread pulled out...the SA inspected it and couldn't find anything (I had trouble finding it, it was very very minor though) so I was able to return mine.
  8. Thats unfortunate. I would see what they can do
  9. Yuck that sucks. I bought one too, but have not used it yet. I will be pissed if a shawl that costs that much snags...I have way cheaper ones (non LV) that have lasted for years and years with no problems.
  10. my bandeau had an actualy rip in it, and i actually glued it together. believe it or not, but it worked!
  11. you GLUED it togetheer?

    Brigettes a crazy chica!!! :nuts::lol:
  12. ok, so me freaking out was totally unneccessary... i went to lv today and they told me it was a manufacturers defect and replaced it with a brand new one.....big relief!!
  13. That's good that they replaced it.
  14. That's awesome that they replaced it!!! :tup:
  15. Thats cool that they replaced it! Hopefully nothing else will happen :push: