Help - maiden Birkin purchase!!!!

  1. ]Okay, I'm jumping into the land of Birkin's and need help sorting out the best color to buy for my first bag!!! I'm looking at a Black/togo/palladium, an Olive/palladium/togo, a cafe/palladium/clemence and a black/vl/palladium. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
  2. Those are all great neutrals - you might also want to look at etoupe, raisin, graphite and ardoise. All of those would look good with PH. Or maybe consider something a little brighter to give your wardrobe a pop of colour? Good luck in your Birkin quest!
  3. All three leathers are great for all weather any time. None have to be babied. VL is probably the lightest of the three in weight so this may be a consideration for you.

    If I had to choose between the Black/Togo and the Black/VL I'd probably chose the black/Togo simply because I'm not a fan of VL. Feels too cardboard-y to me and is stiffer than Togo and Clemence.

    If you are only going to have one bag for the rest of your life, you might want the black unless you live in a warm/sunny climate most of the year and then you might want the Cafe color.

  4. Thanks! I keep reading Togo over VL so I think that decision is made. Color - still a toughy! I have looked at the raisin and think it's interesting. What is the ardoise? Have you seen the Cafe color in person - if so, what do you think? This is tough!!!! Thanks!
  5. Gold is another great neutral. So is etoupe.

    Have you decided what size?
  6. That was the easy part! I'm looking at a 35cm - seems like a no brainer. As for the other details - omg! Who knew that buying a purse would send me into an obsessive frenzy! I'm not sure picking out names for my children was this difficult!
  7. Another thing. I've been doing research and it sounds like there are alot of votes for ghw vs. ph. Thoughts?

  8. its with gold is stunning but i prefer silver on the other colors
  9. Black is such a classic but gold goes with everything too.
  10. I have both Togo and VL. Decide whether you want a slouchy or stiff bag. Both leathers are great IMO - Togo is slouchier and veinier/more textured then the stiffer VL. If I were doing it all over again I'd go for VL because I like the stiffer look and you see lots of Togo over VL but again that is just my opinion.

    I agree with Nola that Gold is a great neutral too.
  11. GHW vs PHW is really a personal preference, and also depends on your jewelry. I wear a large gold bracelet every day and all my rings are also gold, so for me it was going to be GHW. I also think it's a bit more classic, and at these prices I think classic is safer for the long haul.