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  1. I saw this on eBay, and it is in size 35,

    but i am a true 34, I really hope the size runs small:s

    how is the size goes? Lovin it soooooo much
  2. The pigalle, because it has such a high heel that smooshes your foot down (due to gravity, of course) is almost TTS.

    I take most CLs in a 39 or 39.5, but I fit a 38.5 in pigalle styles usually.

  3. oh,so sad, but i really wanna that
  4. If you're a true size 34, then sorry there's really 0% chance a 35 in the Pigalle 120mm (5-inch) version can fit. For the smaller sizes Pigalle 120 runs big and people have to size down; for the larger sizes it feels more true-to-size......the fit for Pigalle 120 totally varies depending on what general size range you're in.
  5. oh, how about this bootie pump? does 35 fits on me?:love:
  6. Are you an American size 4? Then you might fit in the Metallika. I don't have a pair myself, but I think 35 is the smallest.

    You can always consider special order ... the mark up is like, 20% or something.
  7. Check the sizing thread sticky, too; it's a great resource.
  8. Metallika ran small on me. I sized up to a 10.5 and really could have used an 41. I got them on sale and 41's were all gone or I would have exchanged them. I love them, but I am still trying to stretch them out enough that I can wear them without screaming.
  9. Those magenta pigalles are beautiful!
  10. I'm a true 34 as well and I got sz 5 Pigalles and I could fit three fingers behind my heel. Eventually I made them work with gel pads, insoles and hel grips but I wouldn't buy another pair.

    I got Wallis and No Prives in sz 5 though and they fit fine.
  11. thanks, i think i might take that bootie one, although the pigalles are fabulous
  12. I saw this magenta patent Pigalle 120mm at NM in Charlotte. I am not sure of the sizes in stock, but if you are interested call SA - Carlynn Hundley (704) 442-7900 ext. 2127 It looked even better in person than in the picture!

  13. Lynn you are so sweet looking after everyboy! Have you gotton the Lay Gres yet??? I am dying here! Hey, I like your sig pic. Too cute! Maybe one day I may be up that way and we could meet....and shop!! My BF lives there, hubby grew up in Huntersville, sp lots of family.:s A few I am not all that fond of,
  14. man that shoe is so hot. impractical...but hot
  15. Metallika runs small. I had to go a full size up from my US size. At first I didn't think it would even go on my foot but it did after I tried it with stockings. Once it stretched it was fine and comfortable to walk in. I would suggest a 35 unless you have narrow feet.