Help!!! Magenta Ledbury...

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a newbie in this forum...I just want to know abt Magenta Ledbury. Does it belong to pre-fall or fall collection? Is it still available or sold out?

    This is b/c Mulburry shop in Thailand hasn't ordered this item. I really think it's cute and want to get one.

    Pls helppppp:rolleyes:
  2. Have you been to ? The site shows you available styles today and those coming soon.

    I looked at the site and the Bayswater in magenta is out of stock but the Ledbury in magenta is still available. As to whether this is a pre-fall or fall collection, gosh I don't know but it's in the "iconic styles" so must have been out earlier this year.
  3. Magenta was S/S 07 color. I asked from Mulberry, Helsinki and they said there is no more magenta pieces coming to stores. But the SA was quite ignorant, so I'm not sure what's the truth :sad:
    I guess it will be sold out soon.
  4. well well well...seems no hope for me...

    btw, thanks so much for ur inputs...
  5. I called Mulberry in Sweden and they got no megenta pieces :sad:
  6. I'm confused, you want a magenta Ledbury, yes? It is still available via the Mulberry website. So better hurry up better they're all gone. :smile:
  7. i tried . it's said "out of stock" (magenta ledbury is in the iconic styles section). The official shop in TH also told me tht they couldn't order for me as it was out of stock already. I'm still waiting as they said they would try to search from Singapore...

    wish me luck:p
  8. btw,,,any other recommended websites tht sell mulberry???
  9. Cat-Miu, I too asked about it from the Helsinki store and the SA was quite rude. She said they had it ages ago (as in I was stupid for asking about something so old) and told me to check the Mulberry website for current colors. I thanked her and left (I try my best to polite) but really wished I'd told to her to check it herself as it is still there! Oh, before I left I asked about what new colors they are getting for fall, but she didn't know.
  10. that's too bad... at least you can say it's a popular color and be "out of stock" that is
  11. I know what you mean... I was confused because they were so :tdown: And they really didn't know anything about the products, colors etc.

    First we called them about magenta and SA on the phone said they will have it more, and she will call to me when products arrive. Then we visited the store and no one had any idea what was I talking about. They didn't even know what kind of color magenta was. Even so, they were sure it's sold out :confused1:

    So, will they have it or not? It's a secret :sad: