Help! Magenta colour transfer

  1. Is there any way to prevent this happening? I used to have a Magenta First and usually carried it on my arm so this was never an with my Magenta Day, the first B-Bag I've ever owned that is shoulder-carried, I am finding the dye on ALL of my tops which I'm not even sure I can launder out. Has anyone else had this issue with Magenta or any other b-bags and how did you fix it:sad: ?
  2. yikes, i'm so sorry stylefly, i didn't know that the magenta b-bags did that :sad:...i wonder if treating it with AG spray would help?!?!
  3. i actually started a thread a few days ago asking if there would be color transfer of bal-red colored bags b/c those colors are bolder, which means more dye applied. but the response i got was that no one really had an issue. i hope it is just a one bad apple type thing. i hope you're able to fix your clothes or replace them!
  4. i have a magenta & have no problem with dye transfer though :P
    and i never spray the bag with anything
  5. I would call BalNY.
  6. Agree.

    Sorry that happened stylefly...I hope it comes off your clothes when you wash them.
  7. oh no :Push: . this is the first time hearing about color transfer from bag to clothes. sorry to hear that :crybaby:
  8. Thanks everyone...I guess maybe it was the heat? And I was wearing white so it showed up more? But it dyed a yellow top the other day too. I guess I will call BalNY tomorrow to see what expensive solution they have for me:rolleyes:
  9. Yikes! I had a red day bag and never had a problem. I have a magenta first and no problems either -- I carry it on my shoulder too. Please let us know what Balenciaga says. (There is definitely a difference in the finish on the leather of my red day and my magenta first too.)
  10. yikes.. so sorry to hear that.. i will be extra careful with the magenta bag from now on... ive gotten dye transfers from dark jeans to bags, but never the other way around... please keep us up to date on what bal says!
  11. Yikes! Sorry to hear that! I know BalNY sends out these little cards with the new bags this year that says something about color transfer or something like that? It mentions that their bags are not waterproofed or have some kind of sealant on it. I'm worried about my Rouge Vif so I'm thinking of having it professionally pre treated for color fastness/transfer. They can put some kind of protective layer on it that won't damage the leather. It's like the glaze you see on the bags when you get them(I think some bags have a thicker stiffer glaze that eventually wears off when you break the bag in). I'm interested in hearing what BalNY says about it, though.:yes:
  12. *update*
    I phoned BalNY and the SA was super-nice, she said that although it's rare, she can see how it's possible especially in humidity for some colour transfer to happen since there is no colour sealant added to finish the leather, ostensibly to allow the leather to change colour and texture over time. She did say that she would be hesitant to recommend anything to treat it with- but as soon as the words "Apple guard" were out of my mouth she changed her stance and said that yes, she would recommend that only because so many people swear by it.
    Bottom line- I need to find out where to get AppleGuard in Toronto before all of my clothing turns PINK!:wtf:
    And- for those with brightly-coloured bags, do not wear them when there's any moisture in the air before sealing in the colour with a protectant...
  13. Stylefly! I found you! I'm so sorry about your day! I ended up getting the Origan Day from the JS-ter for a good price! I want to see pictures damnit!
  14. I definitely find myself daydreaming a lot more about handbags now...i'm already hooked on this site! No good!

    Thanks for all your advice and i will post soon!