HELP-- made in italy tag -- does this exist in all MJ bags?

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  1. I have a clutch from 03-04, the leather and suede collection. It does not have the made in italy tag like current MJ bags. Is mine a defect? or did they start doing this later. I know its authentic, I bought it at bergdorf goodman. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks :heart:
  2. Sometimes the "made in Italy" is in the suede lining instead of on the plate inside.
  3. the lining is canvas and I can't find it anywhere. :sad:
  4. I have a bag from around that time and I believe that the Made in Italy is stamped in the suede as "MII". It is very hard to see you may need a flashlight. It is near the inner pocket zipper and is just stamped into the suede.
  5. Did you find it? It should definitely have it.. but as far as I know, that clutch you have was never faked.
  6. no i haven't found it yet. My clutch has canvas lining and i looked in the pocket, i saw nothing. looked inside the outside pocket, i saw nothing. hmmm, i'm going to take another look tonight.

    good to know thithi that my clutch was never faked :yes:
  7. My older canvas lined bags had the made in italy tag on the inside pocket. It was sewn in near the zipper, and it was pretty hard to find.
  8. Thank you ladies, I finally found it! it is imprinted on the leather inside the bag by the top handle. Thank you again for all the help :heart: :heart:
  9. thank goodness! glad you found it!