HELP! MAC compact opened in my Damier Speedy!

  1. This is the second MAC compact that's broken in the last week I'm so annoyed!

    This time it's happened in my near new Damier Speedy 30.

    There's bits of foundation powder in it, I've shaken most of it out, but it's on the red lining!

    How do I get it out? I dabbed at it with a wet tissue but I don't want it to stain!

  2. I would probably either reach for a hand-vac or one of those cans of air that you would use to clean a keyboard before I dabbed or did anything involving a liquid.

    <Hug> Sorry that happened to you. Doubly sorry it happend twice.
  3. vacuming all the powder out is one idea. after that u might want to use a wet sponge to dab everything out maybe?
  4. If it's a powder you can turn the bag inside out and try vacuuming her and letting it dry after you swipe it with a wet cloth...That's what I do with my keepall if anything goes wrong..hope it helps..
    I feel sorry for you..
  5. Can you use a Q-tip or cotton swab to pick up most of the powder?
    So sorry this happened! That's why I always use a small makeup bag-I always worry that my lipstick is going to get uncapped or something. Better for it to happen to my non LV cosmetic bag, than my beautiful bags!
  6. Try turning the bag inside out and if you don't have a hand vac then pat the lining to release the powder. What doesn't come out try baby wipes to dab up the rest.
  7. turn the bag inside out and vacuum it. if there is any left i'd use a damp cloth a brush it off...
  8. Yep, use a little vacuum and dab the rest with a baby wipe. I always keep my makeup in a case. It's just too prone to break or spill.
  9. You might also want to try a lint brush. I've found them to be super helpful in all types of situations!
  10. I'd have said sticky tape when the powder was still powder but if you've wet it already go with the other options ^