Help! Mab tote medium leather vs large saffiano

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  1. #1 May 9, 2016
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
    In need of a large tote I can use as a diaper bag. I can't decide next to each other they look like the same size even though the leather one is medium and saffiano is large. Which one do you guys think is Better? Would last longer? Would this work well as a diaper bag?



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  2. I don't have an opinion on the diaper bag question. I like the smooth leather better than the saffiano if that's any help.
    Guess you could buy one or both and return if you decide it's not what you want.
  3. for large bags, I typically like softer leather :smile:
  4. I like smooth leather better. However, I do think that the saffiano version will last longer, because I've seen some pictures of the smooth version and after a while the bag loses its shape because the leather is so soft. If that doesn't bother you, go with the smooth version as I think it's much more beautiful. If not, choose the saffiano.
  5. I think the saffiano is more practical as a diaper bag. It's easier to clean cause you can just wipe it down. It doesn't scratch as easily and in general it'll last longer and hold up better.

    But I agree with everyone else and think the smooth leather is beautiful haha.
  6. Either bag will work just fine, just depends on what you want to carry. I threw away my diaper bag a few weeks into using it cos it was so ugly and just carried regular bags. You can wipe down anything as long it's in a dark color :biggrin: