Help! M by MJ wanted!

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  1. I'm dying for a totally turnlock tina tote or bowler from the M by MJ line.

    Sadly I live in Canada and well ... they don't sell M by MJ bags here. Anybody else has any other ideas on how I can get my hands on a bag?

    I know there's eBay but there's nothing on there that I particularly want right now and eBay doesn't always have a lot of M by MJ bags (or the sellers don't ship to Canada).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. hey, try to go to holt renfrew. they have m b mj there.
  3. have you called the store just to check if it's possible for them to ship to canada? you never know until you ask :smile:
  4. You can call any of the following Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques, international shipping is available.

    New York, NY: 212-924-0026
    Boston, MA: 617-425-0404
    San Francisco, CA: 415-448-9322
    Los Angeles, CA: 323-653-0100
  5. Oh wow I didn't know! I thought they only shipped within the states. Thank you so much!
  6. really they do? but probably not in vancouver ... maybe in toronto. i'll check it out anyway. thanks!
  7. yeah im pretty sure they have m b mj there. anyway, just call them first. for me, i rather go and check myself, who knows i might find something else to buy :p