Help! LV White MC Canvas Starting to Discolor on Edges!!

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  1. I can't think of anything else right now... it bothers me that I am actually having an issue with any of my trusty LVs, but here it is:
    I hope one of you out there can help me with this problem that I just noticed on my beloved LV white MC Mini HL! I have noticed that along the edges of one side of my bag (on the leather 'seam') there seems to be 'bleeding' from the red liner thru to the canvas itself, resulting in a light pink tone...
    I bought this wonderful purse about a year ago on eLuxury (I notice now they no longer sell this design in white...or at least it's never available now) and don't know what to do!!
    I don't have any reason to believe the stain is external surface related, so I feel kind of helpless here...
    Ideas? Has this happened with any white MC canvas to anyone else? Thanks!
    BTW, I have NEVER carried this bag in the rain, or near any water. I don't keep lipglosses or anything that can leak in it either which is making this all the more a mystery.
  2. You know...I read a thread about this in relation to a white Speedy where it was deemed to be a manufacturing defect and it was replaced at no charge. Let me see if I can find the thread, hold on...
  3. :wtf: Oh dear,sorry to hear that. Is there a LV near where you're living? I've read from somewhere that this happened before and the owner brought it into the boutique to get it assessed and she was given a new it sounds like a defect.:yes: I really hope it is for your sake.
  4. take it into lv, this is a known issue.
    Good luck!

  5. I feel a bit better now!! Thank you! Stylefly, if you find the thread, please post here!! I was searching threads all afternoon, and could not come up with something, but maybe someone will get lucky!
  6. This does sound familar. I cannot offer any useful advice except to try and get it to an LV store.
  7. I just called eLuxury, and to my surprise, they helped me out despite the fact that I purchased the bag last September ('05). She told me that LV said it was a defect, and that I just needed to take it to my nearest LV store where they will exchange it. I might just do that tomorrow! Cross your fingers for me!!

  8. Crossing my fingers for you.;)
  9. I hope it all works out for you. I think the mini is adorable. How practical is it? It might satisfy my black MC craving.
  10. I hope it all works out for you and they can replace you mc hl!! I know it may be a hard find now...but we're keeping our fingers crossed!!!
  11. Crossing fingers for you...let us know what happens.
  12. I'm glad you sorted it because I spent what seemed hours searching for that thread and couldn't find it:shame:
    I KNOW someone posted this same problem with a Speedy a few weeks ago and it is an acknowledged defect so you should be totally fine! Keep us posted:smile:
  13. OMG are you serious? I thought it was just me with this problem! i bought my white Mini HL when it first came out too and love it to pieces, but noticed that there was some staining along the vachetta trim - I had NO idea it was a defect! i just assumed the vachetta color was transferring onto the white.

    Will they care that I bought my bag back in 2003 when it first came out?
  14. Well, learned today that ALL LV Stores (company policy) NO longer accepted any exchanges/returns that were purchased via eLuxury (stopped March this year due to too many people abusing the convenience). So, I was told by the SA that I needed to handle this defect issue thru eLuxury. The good news is that I got, straight from the SA, the confirmation that YES this is a defect that LV has knowledge of and usually does exchanges for. Unfortunately, this will happen to most all WHITE MC Mini HLs, so if you have one... double check now because most LV stores don't carry the Mini HL MC anymore--it has been discontinued! :sad:
    So, called eLuxury again, and they had ONE Mini HL Black MC left... and it is on hold for me for exchange (which will be sent out Tuesday when FedEx comes by to pick up the sick bag...*sniff*). Let's hope this drama is almost over. Thank you for your help so far friends in the Purseforum!
  15. PS- I am gonna miss my little white MC Mini HL! It was my white MC Speedy's mini-me...