1. Is the Monogram Mini Lin Croisette French Purse still in stock in stores (Sydney)?
  2. I dont know. Maybe you should call the store ??
  3. I am sure it will be as they still have both colours on display here:yes:
  4. would you happen to know how much it is approx.?
  5. Approx $820 au$??
  6. wow really? i was expecting $900+. seems like i prob will go get it. thanks! =)
  7. It might be more as that was just an estimate:yes: It is a nice wallet:love:
  8. i just called them on 1300 883 880 and u weren't much off - $840 BUT the lady told me that it's SOLD OUT! =( disaster!!!!
  9. Are you near a store at all? A lot of the time our info service is just plain WRONG.:tdown:
    I wouldn't give up yet.
  10. ^^ I agree .. the LV info line often say it is sold out when it is NOT..if you can visit the store then I would suggest doing that:yes:
  11. i won't be able to drop into the store until friday - let's hope i'm lucky! would it be better if i called up the actual store instead of the infoline?
  12. now i'm thinking of getting the zipped compact wallet or french purse in the monogram canvas - which one would you guys recommend?
  13. i'd love the french purse.