Help! LV Neverfull Murakamis

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know where I can still purchase the LV Neverfull Murakami Edition MM and GM? HELP!

  2. e-bay unfortunately is the only place, I would use the great people on thre authentic thread before I purchase
  3. I think eBay is the only choice or you might try let-trade. Since the exhibit is going to the east coast - they will probably get some to sell there. Good luck
  4. yes lot of tpf are going to be there on FIRST day..:tup:
  5. Since the ones from LA are sold out even if you knew someone that lived in LA that would not help. So you either have to wait to see what they offer in NY and find someone in NY to buy you one or you will have to look on eBay.
  6. When are they going to NY? Is it just the bags going to NY or the whole Murakami Exhibit? Who here is going? HELP!:woohoo:
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    I changed the title of your thread at it appeared to be soliciting other members for this bag. Please note that there is NO buying or selling allowed here - it is a bannable offense.
  8. yep, I'd try ebay like the others have said. I've seen them go for close to retail (even a few under). Good luck!

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  11. Exhibit opens April 5th in Brooklyn. We have a thread started and are going to try and meet opening day.
    Not sure if they are going to open a "pop-up" shop, but the rumors appear favorable. What bags, wallets, etc they will sell is any one's guess at this point. Have heard all sorts of rumors, aka different bag than LA, same bag as LA just different tag for each stop on tour...Final answer is no one knows for sure until they open.
    I was not able to get one of the LA bags, so definitely going as I only live around an hour from the Museum