Help! LV murakami neverfull moca still available?

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  1. It's been a while since I browsed this site. Anyhow, I'm driving to los angeles tomorrow for a dental appointment (see I live in las vegas now... quite a distance for adjusting my braces). Does anyone know if those neverfull purses at the moca are still available? :confused1:I don't want to go all the way to central ave if they don't have any. I tried calling but it's just a voice recording with store hours info. Pls help.:crybaby:
  2. ~I spoke to the LV mgr. in Central City yesterday...according to him, the LV at MOCA still has the Neverfull-I'm not sure of the sz., but for sure the GM sz. and the Rond are all gone. Good luck though, maybe keep calling:shrugs: GOOD LUCK, let us know if you have a chance to visit and give us an update:yes:~
  3. On Friday, they had all 3 sizes. I hope you get one!
  4. I'll certainly let you know tomorrow. I just wish I can get something that will make the trip to downtown la worth it considering the traffic. So nurseluvslouie, I assume you're a nurse? me too! and a purse addict.
  5. thanks, kimalee! I hope I can get a GM.
  6. good luck :smile: i really hope u can get the GM...
  7. Last I heard, most everything but the MC agendas was still available. I'm not sure that the SAs from the other stores actually know what's available; when I talked to one before I went up there at the beginning of November, she said absolutely everything was sold out. Then I got there and it was just the GM and MC agendas that were gone.
    Since then, I've heard that the GMs were restocked. Anyway, good luck, let us know what's available!
  8. I hope you get what you want ... the trip downtown will be worth it, and the exhibit is really a must see especially for Murakami and LV fans. Have a safe trip!
  9. Please let us know what they have.
  10. omg, ladies!My trip to MOCA was a success! I got a neverfull MM. GM was too big. They have everthing in stock. The SA said they just got the shipment yesterday.
  11. congrats!! :tup: and thanks for the info!

  12. Please note that the MOCA is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully, you'll be in the Los Angeles area for a few days....
  13. i know it's a little late...but would anyone know if the neverfull murakami is still available at MOCA? i'm going to ask a friend to buy it for me if it is. TIA!
  14. yep, the show goes on till early February, I think.
  15. Anyone know if they are still available? TIA