Help!! LV Damier Speedy 30, 35, or 40??

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  1. I'm considering treating myself to a Damier Speedy for graduating from community college, but I can't decide which size would be best for me? I'm about 5'9" tall and weigh 113 lbs, so I'm pretty tall and slender, but I want a large bag that doesn't look like a piece of luggage.

    Also I can't decide between the ebony Damier or the Azure. :Push:

    Aaah, decisions, decisions... :sweatdrop:
  2. bump..
  3. Speedy is not available in size 40 in Damier Azure or Ebene. I highly recommend the Ebene because it's low maintenance, but since you live in Florida, the Azure is going to be perfect too. I do think that Speedy 35 would look best w/ your stature.
  4. Oh my bad then. Well, 40 seemed too large anyhow.
    [Bump :cool: ]
  5. I also recommend the Speedy 35. Azur may suit you best living in FL but both are gorgeous.
  6. 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Bump, this is the same problem im having. Except I live in CT, so i get all the elements, lol.

    But i'm leaning toward the azur in either 30 or 35
  8. Damier speedy 35 for sure!!:tup:

    I am only 5'5" but I carry a damier speedy 35
  9. The only problem with the 35 is that it is big enough to put a lot of stuff in, and when I had mine I loaded it up and it got really heavy on my arm. I would say get the 30 size!
  10. 30!!!!!
  11. I am 5'5 and have a Mono 30 and a Damier 35 and love them both. The 30 fits everything that i need on a daily basis perfectly. I bought the 35 as I travel a lot and wanted extra room for my ipod, digital camera, and passport. The Damier is great because it wonderful rain or shine. If you can I would try them both out before you make a decision.
  12. 35 in Azur =)
    just got mine 2 hrs ago and totally love it. I asked for the Azur Speedy and they said it was a 30 (damn SAs) and and a 35 (turned out BOTH were 35s). I fell in love with it already and didn't even ask for a 30 because it totally suited my height, 175cm tall, medium/average build perfectly. It is a gorgeous bag!
  13. first of all, congrats on graduating! my vote goes to the ebene 35! i have the mono 35 and it is a perfect size!
  14. Damier speedy 30 of course.

  15. For your height & city i'd say Azur 35