HELP! LV Damier Speedy.... 25 or 30?

  1. OK. I'm SO torn here.

    I'm about to get either a Damier Speedy 25 or 30. I REALLY WANTED Monogram at first but they are so faked, and I think the damier still says "LV!!!"without begging the "is that real??" question.

    That, and I'm not feeling the patina thing, and that isn't an issue with damier.

    That being said, what do you guys think? Bag#1 is the damier speedy 25. It's in great condition and only has been carried for about 6 months.

    Bag#2 is the 30, and it's only been carried TWICE, and it's only $50 more.

    I'm about 5'8'', 135 lbs. I just don't want to look like I'm carrying a suitcase, and I'm worried about sag-- but I could get a shaper for the bottom of the 30, right?

    I really, truly don't know which one to pick.


    TIA! :flowers:
  2. You are very tall. I like the 30 better
  3. i think you should get a 30..i'm 5'5" and i got a 25 and i regret it now!
  4. I own damier 30, and I love it so much !!!! But I think it depends to the situation. Since I'm using it for work, I think 30 suit me best. But I'm now craving for 25 mono and 25 damier (yes, and = both) for going out/weekend, since my 30 seems too big and overwhelmed me on the weekend. So I guess if you want to use it for fun, get 25, it is soooo cute. But if you want to use it for work/school or etc, get 30, :flowers:
  5. Anybody got modeling pics? Blueberry? :flowers:

    Darn LV, why can't they make a 27??? LOL!

    Does the sag in a 30 look bad? I've heard people gripe about it.
  6. Get the 30, if your tiny like 5'2"ish then the 25 looks better, but since your tall the 30 will look more in proportion. Also the 25 is kinda harder to get in and out of.
  7. What other bags do you have? I use my 25 for short trips out or going out to dinner, whereas a 30 is more of a day bag. I'm 5'7" and own a 25 and 35, and the 25 doesn't look too small on me. Both would look fantastic! The 30 sounds a better deal, but it'll be hard for you to go wrong.
  8. looks like u have votes for 30 here!
  9. Definitely get the 30! I'm 5'5"...I have the 30 and I love it. I also put a cardboard (from LV, courtesy of my SA) to prevent it from sagging. My sister bought the 25 and she regret it now. Good luck with your decision.
  10. I have a mono 30, and I'm short. So I think since you are tall a 30 may look better on your frame.
  11. [​IMG]

    this is from one of my older threads..after putting all that into the damier speedy 25, there's still lots of space :yes: i've seen both tall women looking great with either 25 or 30...i have both 25 and 30..and i'll switch the size depending on the occasion! hope this helps!
  12. I have a Reade PM, which I'm selling, and it's almost too small for me. The rest of my bags are Coach signature stripe totes and a Legacy shoulder bag, and one black coach demi for evenings.

    Oh, and a Chloe paddington and some non-designer bags.

    :blush: I so love that people think I'm tall!!
  13. 30! I have it and am only 5'2, I don't think it looks like a suitcase on me lol. Here's my pic from last summer (I'm wearing about 4" wedges in the pic also).
  14. Augh you guys are killin' me here! Lol!
  15. I would think about what you carry. I have a 25 and carry my purse, makeup bag, small notepad, mobile phone, keyholder and a few extra things like lipgloss and I could still manage to fit an umbrella or bottle of water in it. If you think you're likely to carry more.. then the 30 would probably be a better choice for you :smile: