help... luxe bowler needed

  1. hi ladies,

    has anyone sighted a medium luxe bowler recently? i waited too long and now they are sold out at chanel boutiques! if anyone can give me and info (SA names, phone numbers etc) it would be much appreciated!

  2. what color?
    My NM had a black one of Fri, call Shannon at {972} 629-1700 - ask for Shannon and tell her Amanda referred you, she's a sweetheart!
  3. Thanks Swanky! Yes in black! Shannon is out today... but the lady I spoke to said that they had one and it was on HOLD... and that i should call tomorrow to see if i could have it...

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed. eeks!
  4. YEA! When you call tomorrow, ask for Shannon anyways. . . she's the Chanel specialist and will do anything to find you what you want!:yes:
  5. thanks so much! u're awesome. :smile:

  6. jeshika 0o0o0o all the best on your search for this AWESOME CHANEL bag!!! :flowers:
  7. Call Saks.. they had a black flat and a black metallic when I spoke to my SA today.. Alex 212.940.4347
  8. thanks japs! i'll call them tomorrow. better yet, i'll just head down there. don't want to miss out on this one! :smile: