HELP! Lumi empreinte earth or new black?

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  1. I got the Lumi in earth but I'm thinking about changing it with the new black one... What do you girls think? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393503261.131344.jpg
  2. Love both, it depends do you need a black bag? Other wise the earth is a nice neutral color and will go with allot..

  3. I don't have a black bag... I have 2 monogram and 1 ebene bag that are brown obviusly, earth is also brown so Maybe is better to get the black one right? :smile:
  4. Due to the fact that you have 3 brown bags, I'd go with the Black. Unless you don't have a tote style, that's another thing that could come into question when making your decision. GL
  5. Does the store you go to even have the Lumi in black available for you to do an exchange before the price increase? You may have to pay the difference. Most lv stores took preorders and there are wait lists for the black. I know I was the only one in my store to actually get the only bag that came in on preorder and everyone else has to wait and hope they get enough in before the price increase to keep the old price.

  6. +1
  7. Black! You have enough brown!

  8. I do not believe one can have too many black bags but that one can definitely have too many brown bags. And I really cannot stand black clothing with a brown bag. My vote is basic beautiful black!
  9. Earth is beautiful but in this case, I'd go with Black.
  10. since you have brown bags, I'd go for black....
  11. Black! i love it
  12. Seems to me ur leaning towards black stick to what u think would be best. GL! My opinion would also be black
  13. Black! So striking with the gold hardware. I love Earth but it's similar to Mono and DE. Get something different!
  14. +1

  15. My SA preordered for me... There is only 1 black empreinte in the store and it's for me... I'll go on saturday to decide!