Help! LSAT/LSDAS Registration

  1. So I'm all signed up for the Oct. LSAT, but still need to register for the LSDAS. My question is, in the ethnicity box, should I put down Caucasian or Pacific Islander? I'm only 1/8th Pacific Islander, but I've read that that could give you a slight advantage in some cases. I put Pacific Islander down on my undergraduate application, but don't want a misconduct letter placed in my file for misrepresenting myself. What do you ladies think? Thanks!!
  2. Do you have to check that box, is it mandatory?
  3. I believe the question is voluntary for the LSDAS, so you don't have to give an answer. In terms of checking the "Pacific Islander" box, I do think it could be a misrepresentation since you're 1/8th. I don't remember how the question is framed on the LSDAS application, but it usually says to pick the one you most "identify" with...

    I'm "thinking out loud" and wondering if you truly identify with your Pacific Islander heritage or just think it will give you a "slight edge." I don't think race should be a reason to give you an edge--you should give the answer based upon the truth. But that's just my opinion.
  4. It won't give you a slight edge. It's merely for statistic purposes. It's not like the computer is going to go, "She's Pacific Islander, let's make the questions easier!"

    Plus, I think those questions are for people who are 50% or more of a specific heritage group. 1/8 doesn't really count for much.
  5. I ended up calling a person in addmissions at a law school who also told me to put down what I feel. I'm VERY close to my Indonesian family, even visiting them by myself since I was 19. I'm also a memeber of the Indonesian club at my university. I feel very strongly and proud of my heritage. I just didn't want to put down something that could place a misconduct letter in my file.

    Thanks so much for your help! I'm so stressed out about this and worry way too much!
  6. I know that won't make the test easier. This is for the LSDAS, who gives my info out for law schools. I had read that in the application process your ethnic heritage can help you stand out.
  7. I don't think Indonesian is a pacific islander- you will probably be classified as Asian. Pacific Islander is native people of Hawaii, Samoa, Guamanian, Tahitian.
  8. I think you are too uptight. That stuff is supposed to be voluntary. At least that's how I remember it when I registered. As far as giving you an advatange, most law schools will take it into consideration..but they still are looking at your LSAT score, GPA, and extracurriculars. Of course they want to be able to say they have diversity in the incoming 1L class, but I don't think its something you should expect will be that big of a deal.
  9. I think you should write the pacific islander, esp. since you identified like that in your undergrad.

    Oh, free advice here: whatever you put in your law school application will be compared with your bar application. So be brutally honest there and write everything - traffic tickets, and so on
  10. Also do you look Pacific Islander? If the admission counsel meets you, are they going think "This girl might not have been entirely honest. Or this girl is trying to get ahead by using affirmative action at its most loose form to get into law school."

    I mean strictly technically speaking, part of my family is from the part of Russia that is east of the Ural Mountains, the part of Russia that's considered Siberia/Asia so I could put that I'm Asian, but I sure as hell will have a lot of explaining to do when the admissions committee sees me with my red hair and blue eyes. They aren't dumb bunnies, they will know when someone is trying to use ethnicity as a "boost" on their applications.

    I personally wouldn't put down an answer that would make them question my honesty.
  11. I agree.
  12. I believe I read somewhere that it based upon your fathers ethnicity. For example if your father is Japanese and your mother is caucasian then you would list as Japanese even if you got most of your mothers genetic traits and vice versus if your mother was Japanese and your father caucasian you would list as being caucasian.
  13. I think that your reasoning for putting Pacific Islander isn't right. You think it will actually give you a 'slight edge' against other applicants? I don't think so. Sure they'll look at it, but your LSAT scores, GPA and other qualifying factors will be what makes the final decision.

    Why did you put Pacific Islander on your school application? I know that the lady told you to put down whatever you want...But do you really consider yourself a Pacific Islander. Is Indonesia even considered to be a "Pacific Islander"? I thought that would have been more like Samoa, Tahaitians, etc.

    Here's a blurb from Wikipedia about what Indonesia is.

  14. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who felt this way. I had issues with the reasoning as well. And then saying she felt it was okay to put it down because she was CLOSE to that part of her heritage? :rolleyes:

    Just concentrate on getting a good score on the LSAT instead of trying to get an advantage. It could end up backfiring on you.
  15. Listen to this advice carefully, I have heard horror stories about people that weren't brutally honest about little things and weren't accepted to sit for the BAR exam.