HELP, Louis Vuitton Neverfull size

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MM or GM

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  1. Hello! I've decided within the next few days to buy a Neverfull bag, however I've been stuck on the MM vs GM for the last month or so. I've been leaning more towards the GM, but my fear is that it's going to be too big. I'm currently a student and am planning on using this as a tote bag and a travel bag, but I also would like to use it as an everyday bag (I want to get my money's worth, ha!)

    I have a large Longchamp Le Pliage and I've found that it's perfect for day-to-day use, but it runs a little small if I want to use it as a school/travel bag. There isn't a LV store close to my location, so I can't try out the sizes before I buy. I'm around 5'5", for reference. What size bag to do y'all have and do you regret purchasing that size? Also, pictures would be great so I can get a feel as to what they look like being worn! Thank you so much!
  2. I just bought the GM size about 2 months ago and absolutely love it. it is a very good travel bag but can indeed be a bit large for everyday, but when you use the leather straps on the sides to fold the sides in it looks amazing as an everyday bag. so look into that option
  3. I'm 5'7 and the GM looks huge on me still. I loved the MM size although I didn't buy it because I couldn't decide between DE or Mono. The MM still works perfectly for a student if you want to use it for uni/school and everyday use also. The GM is too big as an everyday bag if you ask me
  4. Both sizes are great. I think for school the GM might work out better. I don’t find it too large. I will post modeling pictures on my daughter who is in college later carrying the bag. I am using my GM as a everyday bag and it is great because I can throw more things in it when I go out depending on what I am doing. I have used it as a weekend bag when I visit my sister too.
  5. I love my MM. I feel like the GM is too big. I definitely use my MM as a work bag and an everyday bag! I can usually fit a book, about 500 pages of paper, a wallet, cosmetic pouch, and a few random items in my MM and it all fits perfectly. (I’m a law student and I travel with many transcripts to and from work!)

    The neverfull MM was my first LV bag and I just felt like it was the perfect size. The GM felt like a beach bag when I tried it on. (I’m 5’3.) Now my neverfull is my work bag and my carryon bag for when I travel. The MM fits perfectly under a seat.

    I think the best thing to do is to go try them on in store and then make the decision!

    I have a picture of it next to the Totally PM. And a picture of me carrying to the first day I got it! I don’t have a GM to compare it too but I’m sure there are YouTube videos!

    IMG_9288.jpg IMG_0196.jpg
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  6. I have both sizes and I reach for the MM every single time. I feel ridiculous carrying the GM anywhere that isn’t the airport.
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  7. Another vote for MM.
  8. I have used the GM for years as my teacher bag. Its perfect for a carryon when traveling as well. I just purchased another brand about the MM size to see if I prefer it to the GM. What I like about the GM is you can cinch the sides to make it smaller width wise. What I like about the MM size is I can store it in my classroom easier. So jury is out.
  9. I also have a couple of different Large Longchamp Le Pliage’s that I use daily for work.
    It is compatible in size with the Neverfull MM.
    I can upload some pics when I return home tonight.
  10. I’m 5’7 and 200lbs with big boobs and my GM is the perfect size but I could see how on someone smaller or thinner it might be overwhelming
  11. I have the MM in monogram and am a student as well. I alternate between it and a le pliage (its currently getting repaired after an incident with a door handle and the drawstring :sad: ). I find it’s a great size, I usually carry a 13 inch laptop or iPad, A4 notebook, large purse and keys. I usually wear really large scarves which when inside I stuff into the bag which fits perfectly. If I’m not wearing a scarf I can fit most of my lighter coats into it on top of everything without it spilling over. My mum has the GM, and it is really big, bigger than I expected but as said above slouching the sides in looks much better on the GM than the MM. The only thing that puts me off the GM is that I feel for such a large bag the straps should be a tad bit longer just so it’s more in proportion, then again this could be because I’m used to the MM.

    Is it the large tote le pliage you normally use or the travel bag?
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  12. It depends on you will use it for- I have MM in DE and a LE Mimosa. In hindsight, I should have gotten the DE in GM because it’s my travel bag (personal item) I use a zippered organizer in it for travel. I could have used the extra space
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  13. I prefer the MM size. I think it has enough room for a laptop, notebook, and a few filled SLGs :smile:
  14. The MM sounds like a great size! I usually carry the le pliage or my Nena & Co CDB, which is about the same dimensions as the GM but the handle drop is very short so I can only wear it as a backpack or a cross-body, not a shoulder bag/tote. Since I'm in pharmacy school I need to be able to fit my 13" laptop, planner, a couple medical pocket books, my wallet/keys, a jacket, and a stethoscope. I found that it's hard for me to fit my laptop, planner, wallet, and books in my le pliage bag. That's the only reason that I'm leaning towards the GM.
  15. I think if you find the Longchamp small for school/travel, you should go for the GM. I had the MM, and I actually think its capacity is a bit smaller than my large Le Pilage. I love the MM and will be re-purchasing in a different print. I really do think it's a great size for an everyday bag, but when I first got it I found it a bit smaller than expected. It is great for my everyday items - keys, card holder, iPhone 7+, Chanel WOC, small pouch for cords, small pouch of lip balms, slightly bigger pouch for cosmetics, another slightly bigger pouch for emergency items (ex: pills, bandaids, etc.), and Prada sunglasses in its case. Sometimes I also carry my agenda, case of colored pens, checkbook, and another pair or sunnies, all of which fit easily in addition to my daily items. However, a few times a week I also carry any combination of my lunch, water bottle, and/or leggings, tank, and sports bra for my aerial classes. While the MM fits those items in addition to my daily items, it really does get pretty tight and full. I'm not someone who carries a lunch or workout bag in addition to my regular bag (I am bound to leave it behind if I do, and I just find carrying multiple bags uncomfortable), so almost immediately after getting the MM, I was thinking about the GM.

    I have the GM on its way to me now. I tried it on in-store before purchasing, and yes, it is huge for my frame (I'm 5'2" and petite). It actually made me think twice about getting the GM. However, I reasoned that it will be OK because you can cinch the sides in, which I think really helps with the "looking too big" concern. If you need the extra space, you can always un-cinch it. Yes, un-cinched, you run the risk of it looking too big, but I've seen a lot of pictures and watched a lot of videos, and it seems to look less big un-cinched when it's full.