Help Louis Vuitton favorite mm or Gucci disco

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  1. What do you ladies think!? The Louis Vuitton favorite mm in de of the black leather Gucci disco?? If you own both which do you love more?


  2. I own a disco and love it!
  3. I also have a disco and think it's a great bag!
  4. Both are very cute. I've never seen that lv although I do own several lv bags

    What is the sizing difference? I mean measurements? Great thing about disco is its small but holds a lot. I can use it as everyday bag.
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    No contest SD

    The FMM is not even leather :-s
  6. I've had both but sold the Favorite and kept the disco. The favorite ages poorly. The flap developed a crease within a short period of time and lost it shape. The magnetic closure was very weak and wouldn't stay closed. The disco is very well made, and much more user friendly. Also it holds quite a bit and looks so darn cute!
  7. Disco! I have a disco and love it!
  8. Disco for sure!
  9. This is good to know as I was debating adding a Favorite or a black Disco to my wish list for the fall. I think I will stick with the black Disco! I already know I love it!

    ale1944 have you decided yet? :biggrin:
  10. Just FYI, I have had my Favorite (the larger version) for over 3 years and have not experienced the issues joyfulone has. I love my Favorite.

    I would say if you can afford it, get both the favorite and disco.
  11. Disco hands down :smile:
  12. Disco without question! I have 2 and love them. Beautiful leather over coated canvas any day!
  13. The disco is easier to get in and out of.
  14. I have a few LV crossbody bags and the disco. The disco holds a lot, and looks great and unique, but the leather gets very soft after a while. Soft leather feels good but it doesn't hold the shape very well. Most LV holds up very well, they look relatively new even after years of abuse. I will pick the LV if you plan to use it as a day to day bag.
  15. I will go with Favorite MM because Gucci doesn't hold its shape after a while.
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