Help! Louis Vuitton Bag

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  1. I need help, this is totally frustrating me. I am planning to get myself LV bag in Paris (definitely cheaper there by 18% than in Hong Kong) this March, but the bag I really really really want :love: , I cannot find.

    Any LV enthusiast out there?:cry:

    The bag I wanted is the one Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) is carrying on the last episode of the season 10 of "Friends". She was holding this big LV toile monogram bag, the handle was very unique. one end is wider than the other connecting end, and the right end is attached to the bag at a lower point that the opposite end, that is for both handles, also has buckles on the straps. While waiting in line at the airport, she was carrying the bag on her shoulder (though the handles are not for shoulder bag but probably the length of the handles in Cabas Piano and Mezzo. :idea: That is the most detailed shot of my dream bag, the others were of her rummaging through the bag while looking for the plane ticket and another time inside the plane with the bag on the seat.

    I have been trying to find a picture or a screenshot of the bag since forever and no luck at all. I called the Paris branch and the very helpful lady doesn't know that specific bag, she suggested the discontinued Cabas Alto, but not the same, probably in size, but not the handles! Arghhhh, I am pulling my hair. :blink:

  2. Are you talking about this bag:
    Honestly, I have NEVER seen this style in my life!!!
    Maybe you can print the pic and take it with you to the store.
  3. cuz it's fake...

    tv shows/movies use fake bags...just look at mean girls.
  4. Not necessarily a fake, I have hard time believing that a big show like Friends would do that. Especially when they use LV as the place where Rachel would work in Paris.. Could be wrong though, but maybe this is something special made or something that was meant to come out that season but didn't...
  5. I haven't seen Mean Girls. Did they use fake bags in that movie?:amazed:
  6. Yeah, they used a fake MC pochette..
  7. I work in the TV industry and we always use fake items just not when we have a commercial contract for product placement with the brand but i guess this is a fake. The popularity or even expensive production of a TV series don't matter in that case because those items are just used once and than go to the requisites archiv. I believe SATC was almost the only TV series where they used the real stuff.
    I've never seen that one before but may be you could call the channel ask what bag it is, they usually answer questions like this.
  8. I have heard that the stylist for soap operas use fakes bag for their shows.
  9. I remember reading somewhere they used both a fake White Multicolore Pochette and a Pink Cherry Blossom Pochette.
  10. It was a vintage Vuitton tote, propably from the 70's or 80's.
  11. I agree that there are a lot fakes on TV show. What I don't understand is, won't the station/the production company get sued for using fakes? Because counterfeits are illegal really. Won't they get into trouble that way?
  12. it's not illegal to own or buy fakes, just to sell them.
  13. I believe it's illegal in Italy now, since they have a really bad counterfeit problem.
  14. It is illegal if you own more than one. It's concidered trafficing then, but not enforced.
  15. it's illegal to use the fake to bring in more sales/profit. since FRIENDS and other movies/tv shows have well known actors/actresses already, the stuff they carry are only props, since you're paying to see THEM not the bag they're carrying. some fake-bag websites put in their disclaimer that their products are for entertainment use only and are not meant to be used daily/like a real bag, and that their main clients are TV studios that use them as props... like in this scenario.

    In this scene, Rachel (Aniston) is seen with a vintage LV tote.. as it fits, since she landed a job at Louis Vuitton in France. Notice, in earlier episodes/seasons, you can see her carrying anything from Gucci to Burberry etc.. and she's the only one with such props cuz she works in fashion.

    Branded products that are used simply for props are just that = props. they're not selling the product, and they're not trying to pass them off as real.

    Now ... there's an episode where Rachel buys an Apothecary Table from Pottery Barn, and in that episode, I'm sure there was some sort of marketing deal going on, because her, Monica, Ross, etc all say the Pottery Barn name like 400 times and feature a lot of the furniture. that's a totally different story then.